Chandigarh Guy Becomes First Sikh to Give Graduation Speech at University of California

These days, social media is stormed by the stirring speech given by a 23-year-old Sikh boy at the University of California, Berkeley who hails from Chandigarh. Angad Singh Padda who was pursuing four years Business Management course in the Californian University gave an epic speech with a message to unite the world during his graduation ceremony.

Chandigarh based Sikh boy gave a stirring speech at UC, Berkeley

Padda mentioned that people residing in any part of the world should perceive humanity beyond boundaries.  This turban-clad Sardar from the City Beautiful took the opportunity to spread a few words about Sikhism and what it means to humanity. He has bagged the second position in the National All-America Impromptu Speaking Competition and a National Jack Kent Cooke Scholar too. He has also received an award for Poets & Quant’s Best and Brightest Business Undergraduate of UC Berkeley-Haas.

During his speech at UC Berkeley, Angad introduced his batchmates and teachers with the values of Sikhism that his father and grandfather had taught him. His speech was not at all scripted or well-rehearsed one but he just poured his heart out, which touched the hearts of all those listening to him at the event.

Spreading awareness towards Sikhism is the dream of this boy from Chandigarh

It was his dream to seek admission and education from his dream business school University of California in Berkeley and make his parents proud of him attaining knowledge on the foreign land. Angad Singh Padda is a recipient of UC Berkeley leadership award. He spoke on racism and gender discrimination and urged people assembled there to become compassionated towards humanity and consider it above all.
He said that three generations before him in the family were in the Indian Army and their family has inculcated a culture of serving humanity. He said that during his academic years he used to wear bright colored turbans of different color on each day so that people approach him and he should make them all aware of Sikhs and Sikhism.

This Chandigarh based Sikh boy with golden words now wants to return back to India and work towards eradicating drug abuse from the country.


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