This Delhi Guy is the First person in India to Get a Tattoo in His Eyes & Here’s What He Says

A Delhi- based tattoo artist, Karan is India’s first man who got the tattoo done in his eyeballs that has shocked the entire nation and has made everyone speechless. It is very astonishing that this Indian man underwent the unique process of body modification and got the tattoo in the sclera (white part of the eye) of his both the eyes.

Karan who is a professional tattoo artist has now become the Indian from Delhi to get his eyeballs tattooed. He is known to have multiple tattoos on his body with multiple piercings, and other body modifications. Earlier, a woman from Canada became blind partially when she tried to get her eyeballs tattooed. Karan calls her case a blunder that could have taken her life altogether but he is happy that he has a different story about his eyeball tattoo and he doesn’t regret it.

How are tattoos made in the eyeballs

Karan had undergone a ‘sclera staining’ surgery through which, the ink of any color, as per the preference of the customer, is injected into the eyeballs (whites of the eyes) permanently. The entire process of sclera staining was very painful and was of great risk. Such a surgery should only be performed by the professionals only as the needle used to inject ink into the eye can prove to be hazardous if it is not done with precision. While injecting the ink in the eyeballs if the person will move their eyes, then the sclera membrane will tear off, which is very thin, making the customer blind forever.

How safe is it to get an eyeball tattoo

The eyeball tattoo is not at all safe and doesn’t guarantee 100 % results. Only an experienced, trained and license holder tattoo artists can perform the eyeball tattoo.  The eyeball tattoo was invented by Luna Cobra who also claims that he hasn’t anyone in the world to perform such a procedure. The procedure of eyeball tattooing is strongly condemned by the American Optometric Association who says that such type of body modifications involves a high risk of infection and if at all goes wrong, can make anyone make blind too. That is the reason why eyeball tattooing is completely banned in some of the states of USA.

The cost & aftercare of eyeball tattoo

The overall cost of the eyeball tattoo and its aftercare will cost anyone lakhs and lakhs of rupees. Once the eyeball tattooing is completed, the one who has got it done will have to take precautionary measures and will have to protect his eyes from sunlight. It is important to wear sunglasses whenever you are stepping out during the daytime. The eyeball tattoo bearer may feel watery eye with inflammation for about a week or so until it gets healed.

Karan, had planned his eyeball tattoo for more than a year and he is now happy with the end results. His journey of body modification first started at age of 13 when he got his first tattoo. Now he is gearing up to get his full-body suit tattoo that will cover him from head to toe.



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