Fitness Lounge, Chandigarh

Fitness Lounge Chandigarh offers an advanced, scientific and research based exercise therapy for all age groups. Focusing on wellness management, Fitness Lounge promotes the use of modern medical and physiotherapeutic approaches for overall well-being of its members. Under the guidance of trained doctors, experienced physiotherapists and exercise specialists, Fitness Lounge located in Sector 34A of Chandigarh designs customized workout plans for its members.

Services Offered at Fitness Lounge, Chandigarh:

With a tag line – “All is Possible, Our coaches will take care of your body”, Fitness Lounge is a full fledged gym in Chandigarh that offers

  • Cardio Exercises
  • Yoga
  • Gymnasium
  • Floor Workout

Specialized Classes at Fitness Lounge Gym

Aerobics: Taught by a certified instructor, Aerobic Classes at Fitness Lounge combines rhythmic exercises with stretching and strength training to help members achieve their dream body. Practitioners design different routines classes incorporating a number of dance-like exercises.

Body Building: Helping develop the designed musculature, bodybuilding exercises can be defined as progressive resistance exercises. Usually done with weights, these exercises help members gain muscle strength.

Strength Training: Strength training provides considerable functional benefits & improvement in overall well-being. It helps in increasing ligament strength and toughness. It also improves functioning of joints thereby reducing chances of major injuries.

Spinning: Also popular as indoor cycling, spinning classes at Fitness Lounge, Chandigarh focuses on strength, endurance, intensity and recovery.

Cross Fit Training: A sure way of shedding those extra kilos, Cross Fit Training at Chandigarh centre of Fitness Lounge gym will make you sweat. A strength and conditioning program, it consists of a mix of aerobic exercises, body weight exercises and weightlifting.

Body Combat: This high-energy martial-art inspired workout will make you burn 740 calories in just one class. A great workout for legs, arms and shoulders, Body combat is perfect for core training.

Kickboxing: An amazing stress releasing workout, the kickboxing class at Fitness Lounge gym Chandigarh has many takers. The class targets your thighs, arms and butts.

Gym Location & Contact Details:

Fitness Lounge Gym, Chandigarh

Address: SCO – 156, Basement, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh.

Phone No: 09872001155, 0172-4029103


Website: https:/

Fitness Lounge Chandigarh Membership Fee:

Unlike other gyms in Chandigarh, Fitness Lounge has same prices for men and women. The pricing structure is quite simple and affordable. Click below to know the membership fee at Fitness Lounge gym, Sec 34, Chandigarh:

Click here for Annual Membership

Yearly membership fee at Fitness Lounge Gym Chandigarh is Rs. 11,000.

The fee is same for both men and women.

Click Here for Half Yearly Membership

Half yearly membership fee ia Rs. 7500. (For 6 months).

Click here for Quarterly Membership

If you want to join Fitness Lounge Chandigarh for 3 months, then the gym charges a quarterly enrollment fee of Rs. 4500.

This makes it just Rs. 1500 per month.

Fitness Lounge gym, Chandigarh also offers some customized couple packages. You are requested to make an enquiry about the same to know more.


  • Fitness Lounge has 3 Gym and Fitness instructors. All trainers are masters in their respective fields. Trained staff and experienced supporters will help you in your weight loss/muscle gain journey.
  • Fitness Lounge gym has medical doctors and highly qualified & experienced physiotherapists to ensure complete safety during and after workout sessions.
  • Health supplements are also available at Fitness Lounge gym in Chandigarh at their health shop. They have collaborated with True Strength and other companies that offer health supplements.

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