Five Life Skills That Fantasy Cricket Will Teach You

Playing fantasy cricket online is an art and skill.

Fantasy cricket not just tests your ability, but also your character. Sometimes decisions can go wrong when a player picked by you performs terribly. That’s a sport after all. It happens in life too. We learn and grow after rectifying our mistakes.

How you rectify your errors and the way you bounce back is what matters. 

Sports is not scripted; it’s the purest form of entertainment. The outcome is suspense. There are various factors that determine the outcome of a result. 

So playing fantasy cricket online on My11Circle is the holistic development of one’s personality. 

Here are the five important life skills that fantasy cricket teaches you.

Ability to make decisions: The ability to think on your feet while the game is on is one of the biggest learnings of playing fantasy cricket online. The decision-making process is one to vouch for. In life too, we have to make certain decisions and make choices sometimes in a split second. Taking a decision is crucial, which many fear.

Process-driven: Before one selects a player, there is a process you follow. It is ideally the best practice before arriving at a decision whether it is related to the players’ form, fitness, opponent, and conditions. Similarly, you follow a process in life too before taking any decisions that can have an impact on your present and future. It is a well-thought-out decision before arriving at your final decision. 

Thorough research: Playing fantasy cricket online is not something done by fluke. It is hardcore research-oriented. One has to stay updated with the injury status of the players (you don’t want to end up picking a player who is injured). Players’ form, past record at the venue, or against that opponent matters a great deal. Different conditions pose various challenges to the team. For example, a team from the subcontinent may struggle in Australia and England where there is a swing and bounce on offer. Similarly, teams coming to the subcontinent face difficulty in tackling spin bowling. So, thorough research is the key to success in online fantasy cricket. 

The same principles apply to life. One does thorough research which forms the basis of their decision. This is generally the tendency one follows whether it is a decision they are making in their life or professional career. All decisions are certainly backed by hardcore research. 

Adaptability: While the players adapt to the conditions on offer, the online fantasy cricket player adapts to the changing dynamics of the game. Being rigid with your plans and ideas affects your success rate whether you are playing the game on the field or off it. If your approach is flexible and ready to adapt to the challenges in front of you, higher chances of winning the battle. 

Similarly, in life, being adaptive helps in a smooth run. The readiness of the mind to alter the thinking process helps a great deal in the pursuit of progress. 

Need for Plan B: In cricket, one has to be ready with multiple plans. On a given day, your top plan may not work out, so it is important to have an alternate plan. If the pace bowlers are not successful to counter a top-scoring batsman, try with spinners and part-timers. Surprising the opponent could come in handy in such situations. It is important to not just sit back and wait for things to happen. Sometimes, you have to make things happen, which is a hallmark of a proactive captain. In online fantasy cricket, it is important to have several combinations in place in case your first plan flops. There’s no one to blame here as the sport is being played by humans and not machines. Because the chances of failure are higher, success tastes sweeter.

In life too, having a Plan B is important. One may plan in great detail how they want their life to be, but not necessarily it works out the way we want it. It can throw several challenges at us, and we must be ready with another plan to achieve our goal.


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