Direct Flights From Chandigarh Airport to Goa, Pune & Leh on Cards for 2017

After the functioning of Chandigarh International Airport in Mohali, the city beautiful has been directly connected Nationally and Internationally via air. Chandigarh Airport Authority is all set to give a New Year gift to people of the city. The city beautiful is likely to be connected with 5 more cities of India via flights in 2017 that include Goa also. As of now, there are 24 flights operating from Chandigarh International Airport to different parts of the country. But from 2017, there will be more add-ons in the number of flights from Chandigarh.

New flights from Chandigarh Airport

Chandigarh is getting 5 new direct flights to different parts of India. In 2017 Chandigarh airport officials are planning to fly 5 more flights to Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Leh from Chandigarh. As a New Year gift to the people of the city, airport officials have announced these flights in the coming year.

  • Chandigarh to Goa
  • Chandigarh to Chennai
  • Chandigarh to Pune
  • Chandigarh to Hyderabad
  • Chandigarh to Leh (Will be operating from 31st December 2016 by Air India. It will be a direct Non- stop flight from Chandigarh to Leh that will reach Leh in just 40 minutes).

Although its not decided yet that which airlines will take this initiative. But the airport authorities are in talking terms with many of the airlines for the same and some airlines have showed their interest also. So its for sure that people of Chandigarh will be connected to 5 more cities in the upcoming year.

Some more International flights to come

Apart from Domestic flights, Chandigarh International Airport is also willing to increase the number of International flights from the Airport. Till now Air India and IndiGo airlines operates International flights to Sharjah and Dubai from Chandigarh International Airport respectively. But soon some more flights are expected to fly to different International destination from Chandigarh.

Air India has announced a flight to Singapore and Bangkok in 2017 from Chandigarh. Whereas a proposal of Air India for a combo flight from Chandigarh to London via Delhi is under consideration with the Union Ministry. Jet Airways are also planning to start a flight to Abu Dhabi from the city beautiful.

It seems all the airlines are very much interested to operate from Chandigarh to different parts of the world. Whatever it is, the main thing is that Chandigarhians are really benefited with this. And hope that soon Chandigarh will be connected to each corners of the world.


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