Chandigarh to Get its First Flyover & it Would be an Awesome One

If you live in Chandigarh or have ever had a chance to visit this beautiful city, you might have noticed that Chandigarh does not have any flyovers. Yes, that’s true. It is hard to believe that being the perfect city of the world and one of the most modern & livable city of India, Chandigarh does not have flyovers on its roads. The only exception being in Sector 17 where 2 small over bridges pass over the main market area. However, they are not termed as flyovers. So, Chandigarh does not have even a single flyover as of now.

While numerous small cities in India have flyovers to ease the traffic flow, Chandigarh has never felt the need to have a flyover. Maybe, the straight wide roads with beautiful roundabouts and light points at almost every kilometer have never let Chandigarh feel the need of a flyover. But due to increasing traffic in the city, Chandigarh has started to witness traffic jams. There is surely a need of underpasses or flyovers on Chandigarh roads for the smooth flow of traffic.

Location of Chandigarh’s First Flyover

Chandigarh’s first flyover is set to come up at Tribune Chownk. While many of you might know it by name, but if you don’t than let us tell you that it is the roundabout at the intersection of Industrial Area Phase 1, Phase 2, sector 31 and sector 29.

Tribune Chownk is one such point in Chandigarh which gets the most traffic. All traffic entering Chandigarh from Ambala, Delhi and Patiala, Zirakpur side passes through Tribune Chownk. Even the traffic going to Shimla side from south sectors of the city passes through Tribune Chownk. Apart from this outstation traffic, Chandigarh locals too pass through Tribune Chownk as it is one of the common spot connecting various major roads.

According to RITES survey, Tribune Chownk witnessed over 1 Lakh cars

Govt. Approvals for Tribune Chownk Flyover

Chandigarh MP, Kirron Kher took up the matter of easing traffic at Tribune Chownk by constructing a flyover or an underpass with Nitin Gadkari, Union Transport Minister. Nitin Gadkari has given a green signal to the project and approved the construction of a flyover. A consultant firm would soon be appointed to take the project ahead.

Type of Flyover at Tribune Chownk

Constructing a flyover in Chandigarh will not be an easy job. Especially when it comes to the design that does not affect the beauty of the city. According to a proposal, it has been decided to go with a clover-leaf type of flyover.

It will not be a normal flyover but will be designed beautifully. Maybe, the flyover will not just by pass the chownk for north to south traffic but might also be meant for east to west traffic.

Flyover at Tribune Chownk will be surely come as a relief  to thousands of commuters who pass through this area daily. It will ease out the traffic eliminating the traffic jams and long waiting times at Tribune Chownk.

The image above is of a clover-leaf type flyover in Chennai. It has been used for representational purpose. We can expect something similar to come up in Chandigarh. If not exactly this, then maybe some other design of a clover-leaf type of flyover. But Tribune Chownk will soon have a flyover and it would be the first one for Chandigarh.

Chandigarh is progressing. Cheers!

News Source: The Tribune

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