4 Awesome FM Radio Stations in Chandigarh with RJ Names & Popular Shows

FM Radio stations in Chandigarh, known to be the happening place in India when it comes to entertainment delivers you the best in the forte. Chandigarh has 4 amazing FM Radio Stations in the city that adds to the volumes and hence, make it even all the more happening. There are days when you are so bored and done with the repetitive mode of your collection of music, FM Radio Stations are your saviour for those rainy and gloomy days of your life. Giving you a sense of relief after you get bored of your own music playlist, FM Radio Stations in Chandigarh nail the art of entertaining you with the latest numbers in their hit list.

Besides the songs and music, RJs (Radio Jockeys) of different Radio Stations in Chandigarh makes the mood even more vibrant with their pep talks and games that require involvement of local crowd in their pranks!

Top 4 FM Radio Station of Chandigarh

The 4 favourite FM Radio Stations in Chandigarh for all Chandigarhians out there caters to the wide range of entertainment activities ranging from comedy shows to great music, these radio stations keep Chandigarh alive and happening all day long.

MY FM (94.3) – Jiyo Dil Se

94.3 MY FM is considered to be the first entrant in the list of awesome FM Radio Stations in Chandigarh, as it was first FM station to launch in the city beautiful. With Crazy RJs to mesmerising music, MY FM Chandigarh keeps you hydrated with fun and masti in all situations. As the name suggests, it’s your own Radio Station of the Chandigarh city. From Latest hits to Party number, Sufi or Ghazal, My FM Chandigarh plays all kinds of music as per your mood on public demand.

RJs- RJ Meenakshi, Rj Golmaal Gagan, Rj Manav, Rj Geet, Rj Jassi

Shows– Salaam Chandigarh, 16 Always, Dil Chahta Hai, Happy Evening, Sector 13.

BIG FM (92.7) – Suno Sunao Life Banao

Big FM was the second Radio Station to enter the city, after MY FM Chandigarh, people have enjoyed tuning in with Big FM. Be it golden era music or latest electrifying music, Big FM is one such Radio Station in Chandigarh that has a bundle of all. Starting your mornings which takes you back in time with ‘Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor’ to the evening peppy shows of the Big FM in Chandigarh to turn on your party mode, tune into this Radio Station of Chandigarh at the frequency of 92.7 FM to charge your batteries.

RJs- Rj Abhimaniyu, Rj Pankaj, Rj Dhanveer

Shows- Suhana Safaar, Kuch Paane Zindagi Ke, Aarth

Radio Mirchi (98.3) – Mirch Sunne Wale Always Khush

Radio Mirchi 98.3 had its official launch in the beautiful city of Chandigarh last year only and the FM Channel has already won the hearts of the residents through its music and fun element. As its tagline says, ‘Mirchi sunne wale always khush’ and this happiness is being spread by their RJs in the city. Radio Mirchi always keep your mind in Sweet 16 mode with their games and music. From latest Punjabi to English music, you find it all in the Radio Mirchi box.

RJs- Rj Abhi, Rj Ashi, Rj Kanwar, Rj Sunny and Rj Charu

Shows- PU ke Parinde, Gurh nalo ishq mitha, Wassup Chandigarh, Meethi Mirchi, Chandigarh Express, Mirchi Murga.

Red FM (93.5) – Bajaate Raho

The latest entry in the FM zone of the city beautiful Chandigarh is Red FM. Giving tough competitions to rest of the FM (Radio) stations in Chandigarh, Red FM has become the favourite of all with their latest tracks and choice of music in no time. Be it Punjabi songs or Hindi songs, they have the latest collection and keep you updated with the same to never let you lose track of ‘What’s up in Chandigarh city’.

RJs- Rj Anubhav, Rj Deeksha, Rj Youngveer, Rj Shatabdi, Rj Rishi, Rj Lakha

Shows- Bauaa, Morning No.1, Dramaqueen, Vellapanti.com, Midnight Masala, CH 935.

So, the next time if you are travelling in Chandigarh, don’t forget to turn on your radio on your device over your music collection and dance your way through the city beautiful, Chandigarh with the aforementioned list of FM Radio Stations that drive Chandigarh residents insane !!!

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