Ford Ecosport 2017 Facelift Model | Here’s How it Compares to Maruti Suzuki Brezza & Tata Nexon

Ford Ecosport is making waves just days after its launch and we are eager to see how all that translates into numbers. Ford’s Ecosport was the first to ignite the fire in the compact SUV segment which later saw the entry of Renault’s Duster, Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Tata Nexon, etc. While Ford may have been the first to launch a compact SUV in the Indian market but with the facelift 2018 Ecosport still misses out on a few things which is like an opportunity lost by American carmaker Ford.

Rear AC Vents are  given a miss by Ford Ecosport:

We can’t believe that in 2017 when something as small as the Xcent comes with rear AC Vents, Ford Ecosport gave it a miss. There are times when on long journeys, the front passengers would like to turn the AC down a few notches but then the rear passengers start feeling claustrophobic. This is a classic example why the rear passengers still feel uncomfortable in a 10 lakh rupee car like the Ford Ecosport.

Ford Ecosport 2017 Facelift is not as roomy as a Maruti Brezza or a Tata Nexon

Ford Ecosport is all things – best looking compact SUV, most proportionate but it is definitely not as spacious as its rivals like the Brezza or the Nexon. Don’t take us wrong but Ecosport is not cramped at all, but if you want to cross over your legs for a while on long journeys it is not the car you want to be in.

The Ford Ecosport is just next to terrible when you have to seat three passengers on the rear seat whereas the Nexon and Brezza do it like a charm.

Touch-Screen Infotainment System of the Ford Ecosport:

The American car maker Ford has decided to equip the Ecosport with an 8-inch infotainment system on the Titanium+ model. You might be wondering this is a good thing, well it is but we think Ford went ahead and became too ambitious here. The infotainment system of the Ford Ecosport is all touch and cannot be operated by a remote or a rotary dial like on the Nexon. This means that the infotainment system will require your undivided attention even when you are on the road. Also, elderly customers who are not accustomed to operating touch screens might be in for trouble. You won’t like to trouble your parents when they go for a short trip with this system in Ford Ecosport would you?

While these might not be make it or brake it points for you, we thought you should know these things about the Ford Ecosport before you make your decision.

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