Ford Ecosport Storm 4WD Could Come To India If Cars Like Maruti Jimmy Do Well

Ford Ecopsort Storm Edition Comes With a Four Wheel Drive Option But Exclusive To Brazil

For Ecosport 4WD was teased by the American car maker before launch in Brazil and it has taken the internet by storm. The compact SUV looked muscular than ever and the paint schemes added to the ruggedness. The Storm Edition as it might be called is exclusive to Brazil and might not be available globally. While Ford has no plans to bring the Ecosport Four Wheel Drive to India as of now, we believe that it might change its mind once upcoming cars like Maruti Jimmy do well in our country.

Features Of The Ford Ecosport Storm Edition Four Wheel Drive

The Ford Ecosport that sells in India is a car with feeble dimensions even smaller than most of the compact SUVs. It offers hatchback like space with a higher seating position at best and is exactly the reason why most of the customers buy it. However, the compact SUV’s Storm Edition that will be launched in Brazil is something that our Ford Ecosport never really was.

The biggest change is the grille which now is all black and looks butcher than the one with chrome accents sold here in India. The image that has gone viral on the internet shows a heavy use of black both on the outside and inside. There are black roof rails, black cladding, and black design features that extend to the front bonnet as well.

Mechanically the Brazil specific Ford Ecosport carries a 2.0-litre Direct Flex engine that churns out 168BHP of power and 202Nm of torque which will translate into impressive performance in a car this size.  The car comes in a four wheel drive version mated to a six speed transmission. Meanwhile, the Indian car comes in front wheel drive option with a 6-speed transmission option on the petrol and a 5-speed on the diesel variant.

Ford Might Change Its Mind To Bring Ecosport 4WD To India

Ford Ecosport might not be coming to India as of now but things might change if the market warms up to 4WD compact SUVs. Apparently, the only affordable Four Wheel drive options in the Indian market include the Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha that are more of lifestyle vehicles than passenger cars. Renault offers the Duster with a AWD option that costs close to 13.5 Lakh Rupees which is not exactly cheap. However, the Maruti Suzuki Jimmy might come to India (rumoured for a while now) and open doors for cars like the Ford Ecosport to have 4WD options.


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