Ford India Reaches A New Milestone In Terms Of Sales | Ford Ecosport Ringing The Cash Register

Ford India had not been doing very well in the market and the Ecosport maker was trying every strategy possible to avoid a General Motors like exit from India. Most of the sales for car manufacturers are driven by smaller value for money cars in India and the Ford Figo and Aspire despite having great set of features could not connect with the Indian car buyer. At a time like this the Ford Ecosport helped Ford India to regain its lost market share.

Ford Ecosport Helps Ford India to Drive Sales in the country

Ford Ecosport, when launched a few years ago, created a new segment altogether and eventually cars like the Renault Duter, Nissan Terrano, Maruti Suzuki Brezza and the recently launched Tata Nexon joined in. The main cars that drive the sales in India however, are compact hatchbacks and the Figo and the Figo Aspire could not do the trick in the Indian market for Ford India.

By the same time last year, the Ford Ecosport had been looking really outdated as compared to newer cars and the only car dong well for Ford in India was the Ford Endeavour. But things started looking rather bad when Ford India discontinued the manual variants of the Ford Endeavour due to poor sales and the American company was looking at a miracle to help it survive in the country which came in the form of Ford Ecosport’s 2017 facelift last month.

As a result, Ford India sold a record 7,777 vehicles in November as opposed to 6,800 units in November last year. If we include the export numbers as well then the number is a record high 27,019 vehicles in a single month.

Ford Ecosport Lucrative Price in India

Ford Ecosport was a odd car when launched in the Indian market but it eventually created the Compact SUV segment on its own. Ford India’s car was so successfull that it forced the other automakers to join in and introduce cars like the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and the Tata Nexon. The facelift of the Ford Ecosport was launched last month and got 1600 changes as opposed to the previous generation. Ford India introduced the Ecosport at a price of 7.31 LAkh Rupees.

Source: News18

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