Forget Rohtang Pass, Hallan II Near Manali is The New Tourist Destination in Himachal

Due to a lot of misuse and the limited number of permits the people visiting Himachal Pradesh to see the snow capped mountains of Rohtang Pass in the Manali valley have resorted to a much more interesting destination, the Hallan II. Yes, guys if you were thinking of visiting the Rohtang Pass to see stark white mountains in the month of June then think again coz’ Hallan II can prove to be a better choice than that. And, you know sometimes you should go off the beaten path to experience something absolutely amazing. So Come along!

Manali: Hallan II

Manali’s  Hallan II is a small, pretty ancient village in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The Hallan II. Situated above 6000 ft of sea level this place can promise you the best views and time to stop experience in its well preserved green, snowy picturesque landscape.

The stone houses reflecting the vintage Himachali architecture and cobbled paths of this rural area of Manali is so beautiful and welcoming that you will never regret even once for coming here instead of visiting Rohtang Pass. The people of Halan II are purely attached to their ancient backgrounds and have safeguarded their surroundings so well that they look untouched even in today’s date.

It will not take more than 4-5 hrs for you to make an excursion to this cute little place that is about 45 km away from Manali. Upon reaching Hallan II you will be welcomed by the locals of the village who have arranged everything already for their visitors. And trust me guys this place will give a taste of the true Himachali experience in one single day.

Tourists Welcomed Hallan II

The youths of the Hallan II village in Himachal Pradesh have independently made arrangements for the visitors to give them a great experience. The locals have already arranged a new tourist destination that gives access to the snow covered hills of Manali valley like Rohtang Pass offering activities like tube sliding and skiing that are not available at the Pass.

The tourists will have to go on a 20 minutes trek to witness the snow in its full glory over the mountains. The broken paths have been restored by the Hallan II locals itself and have even constructed small bridges wherever required over streamlets. All this has been made possible by the youth committee of the village that is very devoted. The committee is also keeping a check on the prices of the activities that tourists take up at the destination.

Since the Himachal Pradesh tourism has kept a bar on the number of vehicles that can be permitted to Rohtang Pass each day the Hallan II is free of theses type of restrictions and the road to this beautiful place is congestion free as well.

Source: TOI

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