The Global Freakshake Trend Arrives in Chandigarh & It’s Worth Trying

Freakshake… the food trend that rocked London in UK & Melbourne in Australia is now available in our own city Chandigarh. After taking the social media by a storm, there’s no doubt in the fact that freak shakes have become the most talked-about drink across the globe. In case, you have not gone through those viral Instagram pics or Facebook Posts, just try searching #Freakshake on any social media platform or simply on Google and you’ll get to know what we mean.

Since we are celebrating the arrival of Freakshakes in Chandigarh, let us take you through all the interesting information you’ll ever need.

What are Freakshakes?

Ever heard milkshakes? We assume that you might have. Imagine a milk shake with your favourite flavours. Strawberry, Chocolate or maybe Vanilla. Okay so now, stop thinking. Let us introduce freakshakes. Well, to be honest, freakshakes are the next level of milkshakes. Freakshakes are so thick & yummy that that they can make up a complete meal.

Freakshakes have been termed as the most innovative global food trend and people in the western countries have literally gone crazy for freakshakes.

Where to find Freak Shakes in Chandigarh?

Mumbai was the first city in India where freakshakes were introduced and we guess that Chandigarh has become the second. The only food joint that has introduced Freakshakes in Chandigarh is Super Donuts. So here’s a list where you can find freak shakes in Chandigarh:

  • Super Donuts, SCO 446, Sector 35-C Showrooms, Chandigarh.
  • Super Donuts, Booth No. 15, Inner Market, Sector 8-B, Chandigarh.
  • Super Donuts, Phase 3, Mohali.

The best part about these Freakshakes from Super Donuts is that you get to take this classy mug along with you.

Freakshake Flavours at Super Donuts, Chandigarh

Freakshakes at Super Donuts in Chandigarh are available in 4 different flavours. You may choose a flavour according to your taste buds but believe us, all 4 flavours are simply awesome. Here are the 4 available flavours as of now:

  1. Donut Freak Out (2 Donuts and 5 Toppings).
  2. Big Bang (Minty, Chocolatey and Biscuity).
  3. The Gladiator (Strawberry & Hazzlenut).
  4. Birthday Bash (It’s a Surprise).
  5. Stoner’s Delight (Banana & Herb Marinated Sausages).

Forget Milkshakes, Try a Freak Shake

If you are person who goes on the costing part then let us inform you that these freakshakes are available at Super Donuts that will easily fit in your budget. And we bet, if once you have a freak shake at Super Donuts, you’ll be all praise for this amazing new food trend.


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