Absolutely Free Medicines & Diagnostic Tests for All in Chandigarh

Another first of its kind project is being started in Chandigarh under which medicines will be available free of cost and diagnostic tests will be done absolutely free of cost. Such medical facilities are available in developed nations like USA, Canada etc where citizens have free access to all medical services. But now on, even people in Chandigarh will be able to access free medical facilities. All essential drugs and major tests will be done absolutely free of cost.

This has been done by the Government of India as the ministry has sanctioned a whooping amount of Rs. 5 Crore for this project.

Free Medicines & Diagnostic Tests in Chandigarh

Chandigarh has many government hospitals and dispensaries. However, medicines are not available free of cost at any place. Apart from this, there is a cost for tests as well. But under this project, 7 dispensaries in Chandigarh will be upgraded and will be equipped with the advanced equipment to ensure full facilities to the public.

This project of free medicines and diagnostic tests will be started in October. The work on the project has already been started. Along with starting the recruitment of manpower, setting up the equipment and machinery, the authorities have prepared the list of the medicines that would be provided free of cost to the citizens. These include all essential medicines like that for fever, cold, cough and some other specialized ones.

No doubt that the scheme is first of its kind, but the Chandigarh government is making every possible effort to make it successful. The evidence of this can be got through the statement of Anurag Agarwal, the UT Home Secretary, in which he said that the drugs will be provided 24 hours a day at the upgraded dispensaries.

A fact that all the Chandigarh citizens will like, is the 50 drugs which will be provided free under this project will meet about 75% of the health care needs of the people. And the number of the medicines will increase with the time.

We are sure that with this project, Chandigarh will soon be the only city in India where prime healthcare facilities will be absolutely free.

Source: Times of India

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