Now, There Will be a Free Valet Parking for Women in All Smart Parking Lots in Chandigarh

Soon women in Chandigarh will get free valet parking facility at paid parking lots in Chandigarh.  As per the official website iParkSmart the company will offer free valet parking facility to women drivers in Chandigarh. The move is aimed at making paid parking lots safer and easier for women drivers.

iparksmart, a joint project of the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh and Arya Toll Infra Limited, a Mumbai-based company, will make the dream to reserve parking space for your vehicle in advance possible!

More job opportunities for women, designated and free valet parking for women

To make the parking lots safer for women it has also been mentioned on the website that the paid parking lots will majorly be managed by women attendants. Currently, it has been decided that all the 25 paid parking lots in Chandigarh, as well as the multilevel parking lot in the heart of the city – Sector 17, will be managed by women attendants (majority).

It has also been decided that free valet parking facility will be offered to women drivers in Chandigarh at the above mentioned paid parking lots in the city. In addition to this, there will be a designated area in all the paid parking lots especially reserved for the ease of women drivers. The initiative – iParkSmart, will help in improving and organizing the overall parking problems in Chandigarh, “The city beautiful”.

Round the clock security at Smart parking facility in Chandigarh 

As per the official website – iparksmart, the Mumbai-based Arya Toll Infra Limited will be launching the specially designed smart parking app. It has also been mentioned that the company will also install CCTV cameras for surveillance in the paid parking lots in Chandigarh to make it safer for women drivers.

Why could the smart parking app not be launched?

As per the reports on the website, the delay in launching the smart parking app is due to the bad condition of the space in the paid parking lots. It has been reported that the firm is not able to implement the smart parking app in the dearth of basic amenities from the administration. The firm has claimed that the delay in launching the app is because the parking lots are not completely empty and clean. If a driver books a space through the app the designated area needs to be empty from any kind of debris which is one of the major reasons why the company is not able to implement the smart parking facility in Chandigarh.

Source: Official Website 

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