Garden of Silence, Chandigarh | 10 Things to Look Out For

Hosting a seated statuette of Lord Buddha amidst concentric circular stairs, Garden of Silence in Chandigarh stands for what the city is defined for. The visual calmness arising from the ambience of Garden of Silence, Chandigarh differentiates it from its contemporaries in many ways. Chandigarh is known as the city of gardens that are lush green and have some amazing features but this garden of silence is a bit different.

The Garden of Silence, Chandigarh serves as the meditative space for city residents. Funded by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, the project was dearly executed by Chandigarh Administration to perfection which you see only when you visit the place.

Garden of Silence – Location in Chandigarh

While many of you might not be knowing the exact location of this marvellous place in Chandigarh, so thought about shedding some light.

Garden of Silence, Chandigarh is situated at the backside of the famous Sukhna lake where the 1800 m long jogging track and walkway ends.

If you do not prefer walking or jogging till the end, then another way to reach Chandigarh’s Garden of Silence is by driving on the road at the back of Sukhna through Kishangarh. This is the same road that goes to the golf course.

Things to look out for at Garden of Silence, Chandigarh

Here’s the list of things at this Chandigarh based Garden of Silence that gives you visual evidence of what true beauty looks like:

  • Statue of Lord Buddha in the middle.
  • Meditative space for people.
  • Aesthetically built up archaic area.
  • Concentric Stairways made of flagstones.
  • Surrounded by Bougainvillea flowers.
  • Play area for kids –  green grass.
  • Marks the end of the Sukhna Lake.
  • Termination point of Jogging track at the lake.
  • Stone pitched floor area for good aesthetics.
  • A place crafted to calm mind, body and soul.

Serving as the hot spot for those pre-workout warm-up sessions to the after workout cool down sessions for those fitness freaks who mob the lake daily, Garden of Silence in Chandigarh is the most sought after place by all the people belonging to different age groups.

Night View at Chandigarh’s Garden of Silence


Be it any time of the day, month or season, Garden of Silence, Chandigarh never fails to amuse you with the perfect amalgamation of physical, mental and social calmness it showers you with.

If you get a chance to visit this place during late evening hours, then the lights over here will be a perfect delight to watch.

So, head out for a stroll at Garden of Silence at the back side of Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh and simply feel it!

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