GBWhatsApp vs YoWhatsApp: Which Mod Should We Download?

Now are the days of WhatsApp mod apps. Everyone is talking about which WhatsApp mod is the best? Which one to download with best features? This is getting confused because there are many developers coming with their WhatsApp modded apk.

Be it GBWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp or OG WhatsApp. All come with excellent advanced features which you won’t see in the Official WhatsApp. But, the main question is which best mod of WhatsApp? As there are several apps and we need to choose one. So, it is important to download the best one.

That’s why we have come up today with this topic to clear the confusion. Keep reading this article to find out which is the best Whatsapp Mod app.

Top 2 are YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

You may ask why YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are the top two mods to download. But, let me tell you that we have tested all the WA mod apps carefully. Explored all the features and settings to finalize the Top 2.

Be it the trending features like Sticker Chat, WhatsApp Lock and others, these 2 gives the faster updates. Atnfas Hoak and Yousef Al Basha are respective developers of GB WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp. Both the apps get a new version apk every month or two.

Now, to find out which is the No.1 WhatsApp Mod, we need to analyze these apps in details. So, let’s see which one to download.

GBWhatsApp vs YoWhatsApp

If we look at options, they offer closely the same. Both the top mod APKs offer similar features and you may not find any difference if you don’t explore it fully.

One noticeable difference: The theme store and themes in YoThemes and GBThemes stores have different looking themes and styles. That will differentiate them.

Update for latest features: As both of them provides beta features of WhatsApp, they need to be fast enough to provide updates. Most of the time, I think YoWhatsApp apk gets faster updates than GBWA. So, try downloading YOWA latest version if you love fast feature update.

Dual WhatsApp: Both GBWhatsApp and YoWA support dual WhatsApp as they come with different package apk than Official WhatsApp.

Customization features: Most favorite thing in a WhatsApp mod is Customization. We all download YoWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp for their customization like styling home screen, Themes and more. Both GBWA, YOWA won’t disappoint you regarding that. Change app icon, theme, colors according to your flavor with their advanced YoMods or GBMods.


So, there are not many things that differentiate them rather there are more similarities. YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp, both mod apk are good.

We suggest you, if you’re using any one of YoWA or GBWA, stay with the current one. Don’t switch to any other mod. But, if you’re new into WhatsApp mods, download YoWhatsApp apk. Biasedly saying, this is my favorite WhatsApp mod app.


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