Geeta Zaildar Back With His Latest Punjabi Song 2017 Titled Brown Girl | Official Video

The latest Punjabi song of 2017 titled ‘Brown Girl’ by Geeta Zaildar has officially been released on Youtube and it is already making waves. The need to make urban and catchy songs for the millennial generation seems to have hit the veteran singers of the Punjabi music industry and Geeta Zaildar is no different. The singer who once gave us ‘Bukkal’ which honestly is one of the best ones to come out of the regional industry has come out with his latest Punjabi song ‘Brown Girl’. Download the song here in mp3.

‘Brown Girl’ by Geeta Zaildar | Official Audio

Geeta Zaildar has been in the Punjabi music industry for a long while and has seen the change in the way the audience has reacted to the music in almost a decade. His new Punjabi song ‘Brown Girl’ is a desperate attempt to fit into the current generation of singers in Punjab that don’t have much to offer in a song than a gun or a car. But Geeta Zaildar has talent that probably this generation does not appreciate enough. He is the same guy who gave us the adorable love song ‘Bukkal’ which we still cannot get enough of and we just hope the millennials get a wake up call to appreciate good music. ‘Kudi Brown Ji, Kede Town Di’ which serves as the hook of the lyrics is the best part of the lyrics by Amrit Pal Singh which are otherwise average. The music by Soul Rockers in the latest song of 2017 ‘Brown Girl’ feels a decade old and the synth samples are a complete misfit. The best thing about ‘Brown Girl’ is the vocals from Geeta Zaildar and we hope he returns to his charm like Bukkal before. Download and stream the mp3 song on services like Apple Music, Saavn and Spotify.

Official Video of Geeta Zaildar’s ‘Brown Girl’

The video of the latest Punjabi song ‘Brown Girl’ by Geeta Zaildar is directed by Sky Media and offers stunning visuals. The video stars Geeta Zaildar and is shot entirely abroad.  The video is already trending on youtube and you can watch it below:


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