Top 5 German Classes in Amritsar with Fee & All Details (2019)

If you are looking for German Classes in Amritsar but unable to decide which one is the best, then you are at the right place. There are several institutes that provide the classes to learn German in Amritsar. Although there are dozens of German learning institute in Amritsar but we advise you to choose the one which has a good reputation and excellent track record.

Learning German in Amritsar has become a trend that people are following to study abroad or to get a job. So to make it easy for you we have filtered the best German Classes in Amritsar with their location. Have a look at the list below.

German Classes in Amritsar

Pedagogy Foreign language Institute 

Want to learn the German Language in Amritsar, then the best institute is the Pedagogy Foreign Language Institute Amritsar. Not only German classes learning but this institute of foreign language learning in Amritsar also provides learning classes for the French language, Spanish language, Japanese language, Danish Language, Swedish Language, Dutch and Italian Language. This German Class Institute is the first foreign Language learning Institute in Amritsar that provides the opportunity to learn various foreign languages from basic to master.

Pedagogy (best German class institute) is one of the highly reputable, and Recognised institute in Amritsar that provides German language learning along with other Foreign language learning. Thousands of students from the whole Punjab visit the Institute for various foreign language learning. The Institute has the highly dedicated and experienced staff that assists each and every student from the first day till the course finishes. The Pedagogy Foreign Language Learning Institute also has its office in Chandigarh.

Address of The Pedagogy Foreign Language Institute Amritsar: SCO – 32, Pal Plaza, Dist. Shopping Complex, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
Phone Number: 9888253004
Email ID:
Website of Pedagogy Amritsar Foreign Language Institute Amritsar:

Think Germany Consultants 

Think Germany Amritsar is also one of the best institutes that provide the best German classes in Amritsar. The main aim of this Institute of German Langauge learning is to prepare students to get admission in the top public universities of Germany. This institute gives 22 lessons every week for the students who are willing to learn the German language in Amritsar. The staff of the Think Germany Amritsar Institute also provides the workshops for the students in depth for the B2 and C2 exam of the German language.

Think Germany Amritsar also provides the individual German classes to the doctors, engineers, and students who want to move to Germany in the future for education or job-related purpose. This institute in Amritsar provides the fastest German language courses in Amritsar, Jalandhar & Ludhiana.  

The classes at Think Germany includes six courses which are First basic level (A1), Second Basic Level (A2), First independent level (B1), second independent level (B2), first level of proficiency (C1) and second level of proficiency (C2). 

Address: Sco 32, Distt Shopping Complex, Ranjeet Avenue, B Block, Amritsar, Punjab 143001
Phone Number of Think Germany German Classes in Amritsar: 9988330228
Email ID:

German Language Academy Amritsar

The next best German Language Classes in Amritsar is provided by the German Academy Amritsar. If you are looking for German Classes in Amritsar, then this can be the best option to choose. This is one of the best German Language learning Institute in Amritsar where you can learn the German language. German is one of the important and mostly used languages in European countries such as Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland, etc.

From the past many years, this German class learning institute in Amritsar is providing the 100% results. This institute in Amritsar for German language learning provides the best training and consultancy for the German Courses.

German language Academy Amritsar provides three courses to the candidates who want to learn german. The first course under the German classes is the German A1/A2 and this is for the Basic Level. The second course is the German B1/B2 and this is for the Intermediate Level. The third course under the German classes learning is the German C1 and this course of German classes is for Proficient Level.

German Classes in Amritsar (German language Academy) Address: Sco 88, district shopping centre, b block Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar.
Phone Number German Language Academy Amritsar: 9780290786
Email ID:

ASFL German Classes Amritsar

ASFL or the Ajanta School of Foreign Languages is also one of the reputed institutes in Amritsar where one can learn the German Language. This school of foreign languages also provides classes in different other languages too such as French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, English, Swedish, Portuguese, etc.

ASFL (Ajanta School of Foreign Languages) provides the Pre-Basic, Basic Level I & II of the German classes. In this German classes Amritsar institute, the admission fee is Rs 2000 for any foreign language. The duration of the pre-basic level of German language is 1 month, the duration of the A1 level is 2 months and the A2 level duration is 3 months.

If you opt for the 1-month German class learning, then the tuition fee is Rs 8000. If you choose the Basic Level 1 of German Langauge learning, then the fee is Rs 14000 for the Ist month and Rs 14000 also for the 2nd month. The first-month fee for the A2 level of German classes in Amritsar at ASFL is Rs 9000. For the second month and 3rd month, the fee is Rs 18000.

Address ASFL Amritsar (German Learning Classes): Basant Avenue Market Amritsar (Punjab)
Mobile Number: 9417180951, 9417917979
Email ID:’

The German Language is the main language in the 7 countries and it is the 10th most spoken language in the world. Learning any foreign language increase job opportunities in the multinational corporation. After English and French language, German is one of the major languages in the world. Learning the German language or any other foreign language also improves the Analytical Skill of the student. So choose wisely the best German learning classes if you want to learn German.



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