Now, Get Loan for Tomatoes in Chandigarh | Know How to Apply for Interest Free Loan

Yes, that’s true! Easy loan facility will soon be available in Chandigarh to buy tomatoes. This loan facility will soon be commenced in Chandigarh so that the residents of Chandigarh can afford to buy tomatoes prices of which have soared in the recent few days. now easily get easy loan for tomatoes in Chandigarh.

Protest in Chandigarh over price rise

It was reported that the Congress activists in Chandigarh initiated to tread on a different path to protest against the rising tomato prices. Led by Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee President Pardeep Chhabra, the Congress party in Chandigarh condemned the government for not taking any remedial measure to control the price rise. In Chandigarh, the protesters also protested against government’s failure to control the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.

Interest-free loan on Tomatoes in Chandigarh

It was reported that the Congress party while protesting against the price rise in Chandigarh, offered interest-free loan to the Chandigarh residents besides offering locker facility to those who want to keep their valuable tomatoes safe in the city. The price of tomatoes has touched the 100 rupee mark in Chandigarh and has become an essential yet unaffordable commodity for the lower middle class as well as the middle-class families in Chandigarh.

No respite from increasing tomato prices

It was reported that tomato prices have crossed Rs 90 mark in 17 major cities in India. Prices have even touched Rs 100 mark in some of the cities which is believed to be due to the shortage of tomato. Cities, where tomato prices have shot drastically, include Delhi, Indore, Kolkata et al.  The prices are believed to stay same till August end due to disrupted supply chain and affected crop due to rains and floods.

Interest-free loan on essential commodities in Chandigarh

This is not for the first time that such an offer has been made to the residents of Chandigarh to afford the essential commodities during price hike phase. The humorist, actor, cartoonist and filmmaker Jaspal Singh Bhatti who shot to fame as the protagonist of the television series Flop Show, a low-budget TV series in the early 1990s, was known for his creative satirical take on most of the social and cultural issues in India. Jaspal Singh Bhatti’s shows in Chandigarh were always unique. The shows that Jaspal Bhatti used to stage in Chandigarh revolved around the problems faced by the Chandigarh residents and were always infused with national issues.

Same protest in the year 2009 as well

It was reported that in the year 2009, Jaspal Singh Bhatti had staged such a protest at a carnival in Chandigarh in the year 2009. Jaspal Singh Bhatti had put up a stall in the mentioned carnival in Chandigarh. This stall had a game show where the winners were expected to receive expensive gifts and those gifts included vegetables, dal, oil and other commodities poking fun at the government’s failure to control price rise.

The protesters in Chandigarh protesting against the rising price of tomatoes stated that the central government has made common man’s life difficult. The common man was already burdened with numerous newly imposed taxes and the increased prices of everything has made life more miserable for the lower middle-class families in Chandigarh.

Source: The Tribune


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