Get Ready to Pay Higher Electricity Bills in Chandigarh & This Applies to Everyone

Chandigarh people will have to pay a couple of bucks extra (maybe more) for electricity bills. We all know how important is electricity to all of us. It’s the third time when Chandigarh is going to experience a hike for electricity bills, that too in recent past. The city is full of all kinds of people be it office goers, industrialists, shopkeepers or home makers and the sad news is that the electricity charges will be hiked for everyone – domestic as well as commercial meters.

New Electricity Charges:

From next month, the charges that would be levied as an addition to what you already pay would be 10 paise to 39 paise more. Further calculations reveal that an approximate increase of 15%-20% is expected on your total bill, but it depends on the load consumed. This means that if you were paying Rs. 1000 as your electricity bill in Chandigarh, next month you’d have to pay Rs. 150 extra making it to Rs. 1650. For industrialists, this 15 to 20% hike will be much more as some of them already pay electricity bills in lakhs of rupees.

The Reason of Hike:

This hike is to compensate for the amount already spent by the electricity department of Chandigarh for buying electricity in summer months. Earlier, a hike of about 18 percent happened which was approved due to high power cost. Chandigarh residents will be experiencing hike in electricity bills for the third time and its sad keeping in view the already inherent inflation in the market. We can easily spot the levels of increasing use of laptops, Air Conditioners and all the appliances which are a main reason for this step. Due to this, the department had to pay crores of rupees last year to purchase power in the times of need.

This hike is a step taken by Chandigarh administration to levy FPPCA charges (Fuel and Power Purchase Cost Adjustment charges). And this is not just for electricity but shall apply to all kinds of fuels for generating power. Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) is the body which looks, regulates and passes these types of revised enactments. This hike will be visible on the new consumer electricity bills from next month.

What next:

If you feel unhappy about the hike in electricity bills, it is time to be responsible enough to ensure wise use of electricity at your homes, offices and industries. The only possible thing is to save electricity by switching off lights and other appliances when they are not in use.

Make it a habit guys, a penny saved is a penny earned! So, concentrate on saving electricity and let this 15% hike not take a toll on your next bill. Goal should be to save 15% electricity 🙂 And in case, you see a steep hike in your next bill, remember that we informed you beforehand. All the best!


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