Getting A Driving Licence in Chandigarh will Now Cost More

Each and everyday Chandigarh administration is taking one or the other decision for the residents of the city beautiful Chandigarh. One more decision taken by the Chandigarh administration, is to increase the charges of driving licence in the city. Now the residents of Chandigarh have to pay more amount for making the new driving licence. Apart from the decision, one also have to pay more for undertaking the driving test. The decision has been taken by the Chandigarh administration after the notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport.

New fees of Driving Licence in Chandigarh

The ministry has taken the decision to increase the fee with the aim to make it uniform all over India. Ministry has not only increased the fee, but has also increased many charges that are involved with driving licence. The increased charges are mentioned below-

  • The fee for driving licence in Chandigarh has been increased upto Rs. 200.
  • If you want to add another class of vehicle to your existing DL, you have to pay Rs 500 instead of Rs. 250.
  • If one fail to renew the licence in time then it will cost you around Rs. 300 and an additional fee of Rs. 1000 ¬†for the delay of each year.
  • For the learner’s licence for one category of vehicles, one have to pay Rs. 150.
  • Rs. 50 will be charged for the driving test, but if you fail then for the another time you have to pay Rs. 50 for the next test.
  • Charges of International driving licence has also been increased to Rs 1000 from Rs. 500.
  • Renewal fee has also been increased to Rs. 500.

Now, if you are entering RLA office in Chandigarh for making new driving licence, renewal of driving license or any other work related to the driving licence just make sure it will cost you more. And it is very much difficult in the city like Chandigarh to drive without DL, where the traffic police is always on high alert.


Gurjit Kaur

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