A Girl Attempts Suicide at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh & It’s Too Sad

Sukhna Lake – Probably the most famous attraction in Chandigarh is known for its beauty and serenity but sadly it has a name suicide point associated with it due to some people. Reportedly, a student jumped in Sukhna lake and tried to commit suicide on Monday evening. People generally come here to spend some time with nature and find an ‘escape’ from all the negativeness in life but such suicide attempts are very disappointing for all Chandigarh’ians.

Before she jumped into Sukhna Lake

People who were present on the spot at that time told media that the victim sat all alone during evening hours by the lake side and suddenly started crying. She stood up, went near the water and jumped off in the lake.

People witnessing this, shouted out loud for help and luckily there were two commandos of Haryana Police which came there to the girl’s rescue. These commandos immediately jumped in the water without any delay following the jump of the victim. During investigation, according to sources, the victim is a student in a college in Chandigarh and resides inside the hostel in the college campus itself.

What Happened Afterwards

All thanks to the courage of the Haryana Police Commandos, the girl was saved well in time and brought out of water, after which the police PCR immidietely arrived at the location. The victim was handed over by the commandos to the PCR officials who then shifted the victim to GMHS-Sector-16. Late night, news came which confirmed the girl is fine and is out of danger. Police arrived at the hospital to take victim’s statement confirmed that though she is fine and physically out of danger.

Reason for committing suicide

The reason being expected behind whole act is a love affair and depression related to such an affair. Due to the statement of re-attempting suicide, victim is kept under a strict observation of hospital staff by the police in order to ensure it does not happen again. Victim is found allegedly confirming about the love affair and is apologizing repeatedly to family for such a shameful act.

This is not the first suicide attempt at Sukhna Lake. City has heard the news of numerous cases pertaining to suicide attempts as well as death from Sukhna. Such acts need to be checked. Chandigarh is a beautiful city and should not be made any less.

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