Chandigarh | PECFEST Concludes With An Alarming News of A Girl Being Sexually Harassed

PECFEST was in news the whole week because of Farhan Akhtar’s live performance but it concluded yesterday with some alarming news. A girl who studied in the prestigious Punjab University of Chandigarh in sector 14 was sexually harassed by a man in front of the whole crowd. The news brings a horrific incident for a woman in modern day to light. The news of sexual harassment in PECFEST Chandigarh is astonishing and is hard to believe that woman around us have to go through something like this even today.

What is actually the sexual harassment incident in PECFEST Chandigarh?

While an odd thousand people were enjoying the bollywood star Farhan Akhtar sing live in their college PEC (Punjab Engineering College) of Chandigarh during the annual PECFEST, it is hard to believe that there was a woman in the crowd being sexually harassed. The woman who is a student of Punjab University, Chandigarh campus had accompanied a couple of friends to see the live performance of Farhan Akhtar when she found a man standing behind her pleasuring himself. She reportedly took up the matter of sexual harrasment with the bouncers but they suggested her to ignore the incident and move further away from him where seating arrangements were made. She called the Chandigarh police who nabbed the accused. The victim did not however file a complaint of sexual harrasment as the police warned her against the long list of formalities. The accused man who was pleasuring himself while looking at her works in the PGI hospital in Chandigarh.

This is the third sexual harassment incident in Chandigarh this week.

The Chandigarh Police arrested a guy named Ashok Kumar, who hails from Fatehgarh Sahib on 24th October, 2017 on charge of sexual harrasment. The accused reportedly undressed himself and forcefully entered a woman’s car. Ashok then went on to molest the girl while pleasuring himself. The incident occurred just outside the famous Aroma Hotel in Sector 22 of Chandigarh. The sexual harassment incidents in the city are on a rise and are a matter of great concern for the woman of Chandigarh. While a lot of politicians will find an excuse for sexual harrasment like the woman was wearing short clothes, and going out late at night by herself, we at Chandigarh Metro believe that there a serious need of intervention of the Male Mindset.

Source: PTC News

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