This Superb Painting of Golden Temple by a Scottish Artist is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

A citizen of Scotland who is an artist by profession has painted an image of Golden Temple and it worth a look. The painting is going viral over the internet for all the right reasons. There are hundreds and thousands of photographs, posters, printed images, wallpapers but maybe this is the first time, someone (a foreign national) has actually made a colored painting depicting the beauty of Golden Temple as to how it looks during night.

Name of Painter: Thomas Geo.

Nationality: Scotland.

The painting has got so much attention from across the world that it made Thomas a popular artist overnight. Due to so many friend requests that were being sent to him, he created a Facebook Page by the name “Sikh Art by Geo Thomson” especially for this painting.

Here is a view of the painting.


Golden Temple in Amritsar is the holiest shrine for the Sikhs that attracts lakhs of people everyday. Devotees, not just sikhs but from all religions and from various parts of the world come to experience this heaven like place on earth.

This painting is currently under auction on and has reached a price over Rs. 2,50,000. It is expected to go upto Rs. 10 Lakh.

Anyone who visits Golden Temple falls in the beauty and the peace of this place. The painting by this Scottish Artist is a live example of this wording.

We wish someone should paint Chandigarh as well. And if the painting is good, the popularity of the city can make the painter famous overnight. Try it out!


Ajay Deep

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