Google 4G Feature Phone (Wizphone) Launched | Check all Details, Price & Specifications

In the last couple of years, the feature phone market is in great demand and growing day by day. Last year Reliance Jio launched the 4G feature phone that attracts millions of users towards itself. This year also Jio launched the JioPhone 2 which is also a 4G feature phone. Well, now Google has also launched its 4G Feature phone. The name of the Google 4G feature phone is Wizphone WP006. The smartphone is priced less than half of the price of Jio Phone. As of now the phone is not launched in India but is launched in Indonesia. Here are the details, pricing, and specifications.

Google 4G Feature Phone Wizphone Price and Launch Details In India

As said above the Google 4G feature phone is launched only in Indonesia. The price of the 4G feature phone of Google i.e Wizphone is IDR 99,000 which is roughly equal to Rs 500. Well, there is no update or information regarding the launch of Wizphone in other countries. As of now, in India the only 4G feature phone that is ruling the market is the Jio Phone and if Google launches its 4G feature phone Google Wizphone in India than it will be tough competition to Jio. The Wizphone was launched in Indonesia on December 4th in an event called Google for Indonesia.

Specifications of Google 4G Feature Phone Wizphone

Talking about the specifications of the Google Wizphone or the Google 4G phone, the phone has a 2.4-inches screen which is good for a feature phone, The feature phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8905 chipset. There is a 512MB RAM on the phone and the internal storage of the phone is 4GB. The phone also has a VGA front camera and a 2MP rear camera.

The battery of the phone is 1800mAh. Well, this a 4G feature phone and if it is launched in India (in future or coming months) then it is sure that it will attract all users towards itself as this is the only 4g feature phone at a price of roughly Rs 500. There may be chances that Google doesn’t bring the phone to India as there is already a JioPhone and the JioPhone 2 available.

Jiophone was launched in 2017 and JioPhone 2 was launched this year. The Jiophone 2 comes with a QWERTY Keypad while the JioPhone has an alphanumeric keypad. JioPhone has a single sim slot and only Jio sim card can be used on it while JioPhone 2 has an option of 2 sim cards.



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