Google File Go App is Now available Globally & Here’s Why it’s so Useful

Now Clean all your Junk Files on your smartphone, Transfer files to other friends without the use of the Internet, Recieve Files from Other users easily with the Google Latest App – Google File Go Application. Just Clean up your phone space easily, Find files fast, and share files offline with the all-new Google File Go App. Google recently launched many apps including Google Datally & Google Tez.

Google File Go App

File Go App of Google helps all Android smartphone users to free up space, delete all junk files. The app Google File Go is now available globally and users can install the app on their phone. The Google File Go App is of 5MB in size. The app is designed in such a way that it is very easy to use. The app will show the vacant space and used space in the device storage and memory card storage. With the help of Google File Go App users can also delete files from the storage.

Google File Go App  – Features that make it so useful

Google File Go Application is the basic application and easy to use app with which you can easily clean up space on your phone. Here are the features of App that make it best:

– Easy user interface to use
– Can free up space from the phone and SD card by deleting Junk Files.
– Without the use of the internet, a user can easily transfer files and images to other users. Google File Go App comes with a feature like AirDrop. With this, you can transfer files to other users of Google File Go
– You can easily find unused apps

Google File Go App – How To Get it

Google Latest App File go is avaialble on Google Play Store. If you want to download and use the Google File Go App. You will first have to download the app from Google Play Store. Just open the Google Play Store and search Google File Go. Download the Application and start using it. It will clean all your junk files but you have give permission everytime you want to delete.

Google Datally App & Google Tez App

Google Datally app is a useful app by Google with which users can control the data usage easily. With this app, the user can block the apps for using data (Apps that use data in the background). Another useful app by Google is Google Tez. With Google Tez App users can transfer money to other users directly into the bank account. Google Tez App doesn’t have any wallet and it directly works with Bank Account. For example, if you want to transfer money to any other Tez Users you then the amount will be debited from your bank account and credited to receiver’s bank account.



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