Google Announces Bluetooth Update for Home Speaker (Accidentally)

Google made an announcement regarding the upcoming update for its Google Home Virtual assistant with audio support,. Google is assumed to come up with Bluetooth audio support system for its home speaker version at its i/o. As per the Android police, after Google’s accidental announcement, regarding this Bluetooth update, the news started to roll on to several home owners around the globe.

With the news floating on the web, Google has still not come out with the actual date of release of this updated Google Home virtual assistant update.

What is the Google news for Bluetooth update for its home assistant?

With no adequate information on its release, still this news has spread throughout the internet. This new updated version of Google for Google home is expected to be updated with the all new Bluetooth audio support. On 30th June Tech website of Android phrased that although Bluetooth is not something new in the field, yet there is still some time for it’s features to be updated.

Although the news is spreading on the internet yet, Google has not come up with something official and, when Google comes out with news of update home assistant system, the users will be feasible to enjoy the Bluetooth speakers along with the home assistant system. When this updated version comes, it is assumed that it will give a tough competition to the Amazon’s Eco that is floating in marketing.

With no expected date, Google updated version of home assistant system is still awaited desperatedly by people. Known for its, quality, Google is one of the most trusted brands. Google virtual assistant has already been very famous among the folks around the globe. Soon with the new edition of home assistant by Google, people will be able to enjoy the feature Bluetooth speakers as well. This feature of new Bluetooth accessibility, you will see a great width of devices that will be compatible with the device.

This new updated Google’s home assistant device will help people enjoy the music without even WiFi connection.

Stay tuned for other latest news related to Google.


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