Google I/O 2017 | 6 Big Announcements by Google That Will Change A Lot of Things

Google announced some new and amazing updates on Wednesday at its annual I/O conference. The announcements made by Google this year focussed on the Artificial intelligence.

Google has come up with Google Assistant, Google Home, Google photos. The company also talked about their project to include all the features in the low-end smartphones.

Announcements Made By Google At The I/O Keynote 

Here are some major updates which the Google has come up with:

Google Home’s New Calling Feature

The amazing calling feature of Google Home will allow the users to make hands-free phone calls through the connected speaker. The calls made to the United States and Canada will be free and the users will also be able to link their mobile phones with the device. Google Home can make out the voices of the users. Rishi Chandra gave a demo at the Google I/O keynote when he asked to call his mom. He said if his wife would have said the same thing, Google Home would have called Rishi Chandra’s mother-in-law.

Google is all set to launch a “proactive assistance” feature in Google Home. Proactive Assistance will notify the users, if the microphone of Google Home lights up then the users can ask the device is there’s any important notification or an update.

Google Assistant Will Be Able To “See” Now

As announced at Google I/O 2017, the Google Assistant is all set to get a major visual upgrade. The Google Assistant will now be able to see. YES! If the users point their phone at the theatre the google assistant will show the timings of the movie shows and will also show an option to book tickets. Google’s Lens App plays a major role in this particular feature. Bixby Vision Feature, a feature which comes in Galaxy S8 and S8+ also works in the same way.

Google did not disappoint Apple users as the Google Assistant will also be coming for Apple iPhones.

Android ‘O’

Android 0, Android’s next major update will also be coming soon and has been announced at I/O 2017. Google also gave information about the new update. The Android 0 update will focus on a better battery life, improved security. The new update will also have a new add a picture-in-picture mode. This feature will help the users minimise the video so that the video only covers a little portion of the mobile screen.

Copy and paste will be much easier now. If you want to copy an address, you will tap an address and the entire address will be copied. The users will further be asked “Pasting the address in Google Maps”.

Low-End Smartphones Will Have A Different Android Software

The low-end smartphones will have a different android software as Google is working on Android Go. Android Go will work on the smartphones which have less than 1 GB of memory. Android Go will have a feature where the users will be able to preview the videos in Youtube and will also get to know how much data will the video eat.

Virtual Reality 

Google has been seriously working on the VR technology. The headsets which can operate without being connected to a laptop or a phone. Google has announced in I/O 2017 that standalone VR headsets will be hitting the markets this year.

Google Photos Move To Different Level

Google Photos will now create a photo book of the images in your mobile phone’s gallery as per Google I/O 2017. People using Google Photos app will be able to search for a specific person’s image. Sharing-Centric feature has also been announced for Google Photos in which you can share the photo albums with your family members. People sharing the photo album will also have a provision to limit their photos to the selected people. Suppose you don’t want your family members to see all the photos, you can only make some selected photos visible which you want that your family members should view.

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