Google Finally Launches Google Assistant for Android TV | To Take On Amazon’s Alexa

Google Assistant is now finally available for Android TV. The availability of the service is to roll out in a phased manner starting from the NVIDIA shield console. Sony Smart TVs running Android TV will be next in line to get the Google Assistant

What can you do with Google Assistant on your Android TV:

Google Assistant is basically a smart voice-controlled assistant that lets you control your devices using voice commands on your Android TV. To trigger the assistant you need to say ‘ok google’ followed by what task you need it to perform for you. From simple tasks like play, pause, next song to complicated stuff like setting a reminder for a meeting can all be done now with your Google Assistant on your android tv.

You can now tell your android tv to play content from a specific streaming service and Google Assistant will open the application and start playing content. You can also search for a variety of content like if you ask the Google assistant on our android tv to search for ‘Hugh Jackman’ it will list movies with Hugh Jackman in it.

When it comes to music, apps like Google Play Music, Youtube Red, Spotify and Pandora are supported by Google assistant.

Smart home devices can also be controlled by the Google Assistant, even though Android TV. If you have a Shield console the software update that will finally bring Google Assistant to the Shield TV has come out today.

Where else can you find Google Assistant apart from Android Tv:

Google had clearly shown us its intentions to put Google Assistant in all smart devices. In the past one year, it has managed to make the Google Assistant in a variety of devices.  It started with Google’s own Pixel smartphones and soon found home In Lg G6. Now, most Android phones come with Google Assistant. It can now also be found on iOS devices from Apple. Apart from the Android TVs Google Assistant can also be found on smart speaker called Google Home. Soon several other smart speakers from other manufacturers will get it too. Recently Bose announced its flagship headphone the ‘Quiet Comfort 35’ which comes with Google Assistant built in.

For now the only android TVs to get the Google Assistant are the Nvidia Shield and the Sony Bravia Smart TVs. There is no word when the Android TVs from other manufacturers will get it.


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