GOOGLE Pixel 2 is The First Smart Phone That Will Work Without A SIM Card Heres How

Google Pixel 2 just became the first phone that will be able to make calls without having to pop in a SIM card. The device which we reviewed a few days ago left us pretty much wanting for more. Now Google Pixel 2 just took a trick out from under its wings to make the phone irresistible.

How does Google Pixel 2 make calls without a SIM card?

Google has been working on the Project Fi for a while and it was essentially planning to tie up with various carriers to enable the user to change SIMs on the go. The Google Pixel 2 feature was made keeping those users in mind that travelled a lot and might need more than two SIMs. Project Fi will enable the Google Pixel 2 users to change their carriers without having to switch SIM cards physically. It is possible for a user to use up to five SIM cards under the initiative. We are relieved that this might mean a goodbye to the bent paper pins we used to pop out SIM cards from premium smartphones. Also the users facing storage problems due to hybrid SIM card trays might have something to look up to.  You just need to be subscribed to Project Fi and Google Pixel 2 will use the built in e-SIMs to authenticate your cellular account.

Google Pixel 2 Users don’t need to go to a store to buy a SIM card:

The Google Pixel 2 users need not go to an actual offline store to get a SIM card and wait for it to come in mail. Project Fi users will be able to get a connection as easily as connecting to a WIFI service claims Google.

The Google Pixel 2 users in the U.S. will see an option in phone settings to use an e-SIM instead. This will eliminate the need to pop the SIMs if you’re switching devices regularly and will also make SIM adapters obsolete. The service will apparently work on Google’s own network but the company has hinted that it may soon come to other carriers as well. The Google Pixel 2 feature is U.S. exclusive but the kind of innovation it is, we expect Google to bring it to India as well.

Source: The Verge


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