Google Tez App Updated With New Chat Feature to Counter Paytm & Whatsapp

As of December the Tezz app of Google has 12 million users and have processed 140 million transactions after the launch

Google’s App Google Tez has been updated with a new Chat feature. This new chat feature in the Google Tez app will help the application to counter Whatsapp and Paytm. The new chat feature in Google Tezz app is slowly rolling out at its initial stage. With the chat feature, the application allows its users to chat and communicate with their phone contacts who are using Google Tez app. Also with this feature users can also send or request money.

Well, request money feature is available for all users and with this, you can select a contact and request money. This new chat feature in Google Tez App emerges just after Whatsapp started testing the payment feature in its app in India.

Chat Feature in Google Tez App

Chat feature in the Google Tez application is the new feature and it is confirmed by a Google Spokesperson. According to Google Spokesperson, a new feature has been added to the app which will allow users to send simple messages back and forth to your contact list about the payments. According to Gadgets NDTV, the feature of Chat app in the Google Te app is not available for all Tezz app users but slowly this feature will be available for all.

Google Tez App Details

Google Tezz app was launched last year and everyone loved the payment app. This app don’t use wallet system and users can make and receive the payments directly to the bank account. There is no need to add money to the wallet. As of December the Tezz app of Google has 12 million users and have processed 140 million transactions after the launch. Recently Google Tez app added utility bill payment support.

Google Tezz app does not store the cashback in the waller and the cashback you receive will be directly added to the bank account. Well, in the Tezz app you will get the scratch card instead of cashback. These scratch card will have a different amount and sometimes no amount. Also if you pay Rs.150 or more to any other then you get a scratch card. This scratch card will give cash back.

Each and every time when you invite your friends then Google Tez give Rs.50 bonus. But this is only valid is the new user add your invitation code and make its first payment.



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