This Government School Near Mohali is in a Worst State, Has One Toilet For 436 Students

Mohali’s government school has been facing serious problems lately as there has been a shortage of water, benches, toilets and rooms. Government Primary School was built 40 years ago in Badmajra (A village near Mohali). The school is supplied with piped water daily for one hour in the morning. Though the supply is for one hour, the water pressure is too low.

When the school opens in the morning the drums and tank are filled with water so that the students and teachers can use it for the rest of the day. The problem persisted for days and months, the teachers bought a pump set by contributing money in order to overcome the water supply problem.

Water Supply Problems In Government School, Mohali 

The students are facing a problem as they hardly get water to drink during the school hours. The students bring water bottles from their home as there is hardly any drinking water available in the school. When there is no water supply in the school, water is bought from a tanker or at times collected from the houses in the village. The school does not have a midday meals provision and cooking food in the school becomes difficult as there is a water supply problem.

The agency concerned to the school for providing mid-day meals are not being supplied from this academic year. The midday workers cook food in the school itself. If wheat, rice, pulses are not received in time, the workers purchase the items from the shopkeepers in the village on credit which becomes very difficult.

Miserable Condition of The Government School

The government school in Badmajra (a village near Mohali) is in a miserable condition as the students have started carrying tiffins and their own water bottles as the food is not served in plates because there is not water supply to wash the plates. The place where students eat their food has a lot of houseflies which as result contaminate the food and the students can fall ill.

The school has 436 students but only has 1 washroom for all of them. Apart from this, there is a shortage of fans in the government primary school, the school has only 26 benches and the students have to sit on the mats.

There are 14 classroom sections, the school has only 9 classrooms. The sections are combined as there is a shortage of rooms and the sections are more. This leads to a lot of confusion as two teachers have to teach different students in one class. Due to this, students are not able to concentrate. The almirahs were also seen in a miserable state in the classrooms. The classrooms are in a very bad state that there is a leakage from the ceiling during the rainy seasons.

The Mohali Municipal Corporation should look into the issue as it is a serious matter and the students studying in the school are not getting proper facilities.

Source: The Tribune

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