Government Schools in Chandigarh are Being Made Happy Schools

Rotaract club Chandigarh has taken up a project of turning Government Schools in Chandigarh to Happy Schools. It is said that School time is the most precious time of the life for everyone and it is cherished for entire life. But it happens that some children do not cherish the moment in schools. Although Government of India has been facilitating the underprivileged students to join the schools by providing them with food and other means, but still, the Government schools in India are lacking behind with the basic facilities to be given to the students.

Taking into consideration the deployed situation of the Government Schools in Chandigarh. Rotaract Club Chandigarh has started with a project named as ‘Happy School’ where they are trying to improve the inside look of classrooms in Govt Schools in the city.

How Chandigarh Govt. Schools are being made ‘Happy Schools’

Chandigarh’s Rotaract Club has initiated the project with the aim to provide an ideal school to underprivileged students of the city. And for the same, they use to have a look on each and every aspects of their checklist.

  • Painted and well-maintained building.
  • Separate toilets for boys and girls and its functioning.
  • Drinking water for students and teachers.
  • Sports equipments and desks for students.
  • Libraries of the school.
  • Well maintained staff rooms.

These are some of the parameters, which they look for in Chandigarh schools . And if they find anything missing in the school, Rotaract club tries to fulfil the missing amenities from their end. Be it painting the walls or construction of the building of the school, Rotaract club handles it all and make the School a ‘Happy School’ for the children who study in that school.

The starting for ‘Happy School’ Project

A team of 500 volunteers in September 2016, conducted a survey of different Government Schools in and around Chandigarh to look on to the need for the schools. After the survey, they selected four schools out of all the Govt. Schools in the city that needed much help and adopted the school for the renovation purpose.

  • Mohali Sector 3B1.
  • Government School in Mikhipind near Dhanas.
  • School in Togan village.
  • One School in Dhanoda village.

Out of the 4 selected schools, one school in Mohali 3B1 has been considered as the ‘Happy School’, whereas the work for rest 3 schools are on its way and will be completed by March 2017. It took 4 months to make the school of Mohali a ‘Happy school’. After the completion of work in these schools, the team will be looking forward to some more schools in Chandigarh.

We appreciate the initiative taken by Rotaract Club Chandigarh and wish them all the best for such a commendable work and living up to the fundamental rights of humans i.e ‘Right to education’. More power to the team of ‘Rotaract Club Chandigarh’ from Chandigarh Metro team.

Image – The Better India


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