Great Sardar (Dilpreet Dhillon & Yograj Singh) New Punjabi Movie – Star Cast, Trailer & Story

Great Sardar, the most awaited Punjabi movie all set to release officially to be in theatres near you on June 30,2017 has its official trailer release making it viral online. The official trailer of the Punjabi movie “Great Sardar” featuring the famous “Yograj Singh” and “Dilpreet Dhillon” in a ferocious avatar delivering dialogues in their dark grounded hoarse voice is surely set to give you goosebumps as you watch the trailer of ‘Great Sardar.’

About the Punjabi Movie ‘Great Sardar’

Taking back to the era when Punjab was invaded by foreign forces by invaders like Mughals, Britishers etc, the worst impact was that of internal conflicts that ruined the state. Talking openly about the crimes and the entire scenario that engulfed the state of Punjab during the riots of 1984 in Punjab, ‘Great Sardar’ depicts the atrocities of the war and internal conflicts that made its way to each household of Punjab.

Women and children suffer the most, common innocent lives bearing the brunt of the “Deras” that surrounded the political scenario of the Punjab state apart from oppression witnessed by the society of that time. The warrior-like qualities depicted by Yograj Singh against the societal oppression is what is the USP of the entire movie, ‘Great Sardar’.

Watch the Official Trailer of ‘Great Sardar’

The official trailer of the movie “Great Sardar” that recently got launched and went viral on the internet can be seen as follows:

Highlights and Team of the ‘Great Sardar’

Hitting the theatres on June 30, 2017 with its worldwide release, ‘Great Sardar’ is going to showcase the harsh reality of the war era of Punjab in the year 1984. Here’s to the team, cast and crew of the movie “Great Sardar” who toiled day and night to come up with such a great movie with a bold storyline of all times.

Great Sardar Star Cast:

  • Dilpreet Dhillon
  • Yograj Singh
  • Roshni Sahota
  • Amarinder Billing and others

Directed By: 

  • Ranjeet Bal

Produced by:

  • Amritjit Sran
  • Kamal Boparai
  • Gursimran Gill

Story, Screenplay & Dialogue

  • Karan Sandhu
  • Teji Sandhu
  • Dheeraj Kumar
  • Akshay Singh

Music By:

  • Jaggi Singh
  • B-Trix
  • Desi Crew

‘Great Sardar’ releasing on June 30, 2017

Set in the times when Punjab as a state went through a great state of turmoil ruled by leaders who minted money and played with profits at the cost of several innocent human lives, Great Sardar is a theme based movie based on the real life incidents that took on the entire state of Punjab to be burnt in ashes. While thousands died, the birth of a warrior who stood against all the odds to reform the society and the political scenario prevalent at that time is a ray of hope for many others!!!

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