Green Belt (Gardens) in Chandigarh to get 29 new Toilet blocks

Municipal Corporation will now take up the project of building 29 new toilet blocks in the city gardens. The work has been started formally with the construction of one toilet block in the dream park, Sector-23D, Chandigarh. This will make the life of people easy who come to gardens for a walk as well tourists who visit the city and go around parks and gardens.

The Mayor of Chandigarh told that Municipal Corporation (MC), Chandigarh has approved the construction of 60 new toilets in all the green belts/parks in and around Chandigarh. In total, there are 48 toilet blocks that already exist and almost all of them are built separate for ladies and men. The present mission is to add 29 more toilet blocks.

This initiative is being taken in order to promote ‘Swachchh Bharat Mission’. Chandigarh which is already famous for its high amounts of cleanliness has already attained a level of open defecation free city and has already been awarded for the same. But now, Chandigarh authorities plan to take up the mission of providing at least one toilet in every market/green belts/parks.

The present project of building 29 toilet blocks is expected to conclude successfully within a span of four months and hence Chandigarh authorities are expecting to make every green belt greener by taking this step. It expects to be completed by the end of this year. We as Chandigarh residents wll have another point to prove that Chandigarh is the Best city of India.

Image Credits: Indian Express


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