GST, Note Ban, Good Touch, Bad Touch Included in NCERT Books for Students

Important economic changes like GST and Note Ban as well as issues like ‘good touch’ and a ‘bad touch’ find their way to the NCERT books. With the alarming increase in the cases of child abuse, the NCERT feels that the students should be taught on how to differentiate in between a good touch and a bad touch and subsequently how should they react to a situation in which they are facing the abuse.
NCERT which stands for the National Council of Education Research and Training has proposed an idea to the Centre as well as the State Governments to include the good & bad touch topics as a part of the syllabus from the next session.

Good touch & Bad Touch In NCERT Books | Illustrative Measures

As per the talks and the proposed ideas, from the next academic session, the books of students are all set to introduce topics which will teach the students about the good and bad touch. Though, teachers and parents taught the students about similar topics, the students were not completely aware of how to react if someone lands up in a similar situation unfortunately and further where would such a case be filed.
Along with the topics, certain guidelines to explain the difference in between a good touch and a bad touch in the form of illustrations will also be added.  

Also, to increase the degree of awareness among the students, certain helpline numbers which can be contacted either to report cases of such kind or seek counseling in context to the same will also be added. Further, brief details about the National Commission for Protection Of Child Rights (NCPCR) as well as the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act will also be included.

Difference Between Good & Bad Touch | Why Is It Necessary? 

The crime rate is one a great rise these days especially against the children. Children are becoming subject to a huge number of crimes. A recent case in Gurugram, Haryana where a seven year old child was found dead within the school campus as well as a five year old who got raped by a school peon in the national capital has raised question in regard to the safety of children. The NCERT has taken up this initiative to introduce the good and bad touch topics in the NCERT books in lieu of the same to create awareness and thus teach reactive measures to one and all.

Source : NDTV


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