Guide To Play Online Cricket Betting Odds

The world of online sports betting has gained tremendous popularity in India and all around the globe. Sports such as cricket and football are always on the radar of the fans. However, the terminologies and the trucks and tips associated with cricket betting may seem confusing if you are starting your journey. Many people think that their love for cricket is enough to make them unbeatable in placing winning bets. This is an extremely dangerous notion! One can end up losing more than winning in such a case. Hence, doing your due diligence and thorough research is highly crucial in online sports betting. Many cricket bet sites offer predictions and tips for playing successful online cricket betting odds. But What are these online cricket betting odds? Let’s understand it briefly in this article.

What Are Online Cricket Betting Odds?

The odds are critical in betting. If you want to indulge in sports online betting, then you must get into the depth of this term. To place a winning bet, you must be competent enough to read, understand and compare odds. You must be able to do the calculation of what is the possibility of winning with the odds that you have. Betting odds as per cricket betting sites are dependent on two things. One is the probability of an outcome during or after the match, such as runs, sixes, titles, etc. And second is the margin of the bookmaker. You will be able to find credible odds on various cricket betting sites.

With technology, now cricket betting sites calculate the odds with the help of a virtual bookmaker known as a sportsbook. For instance, for an IPL match, the bookmaker will calculate and set betting odds for a team’s win or defeat and the game getting drawn. Such as CSK’s win may have an odd of 1.5, and MI’s win may have an odd of 3.5, whereas the match getting drawn has a probability of 6.5. So, if you bet on MI’s success with a wager amount of Rs. 1000 then you will get Rs.3500 on MI’s win. The same principle goes for the loss as well. However, the higher the betting odd, the less probability of it happening.

What Are Some Of The Popular Bets In Cricket?

Apart from the first bets, such as win, defeat, or draw, there are many other bets that are popular in cricket. Some of them are as follows:

Purple Cap Winner: The player who takes the most wickets in the tournament of IPL.

Orange Cap Winner: The batman with the most runs in all the matches combined in IPL.

Sixes/Fours: Number of sixes or fours by each team or an individual player in the match.

Titles: Players winning titles such as “Man of the match” or “ Man of the League.”

What Are Some Useful Tips to Use Cricket Betting Odds For Winning?

Cricket betting odds are critical in ensuring that you are placing a correct bet. If you go wrong in understanding the odds, then everything will turn against your bet. Here are some valuable tips that you must keep in mind while using cricket betting odds:


The first and foremost advice which is the most important is to pick up a credible and reliable cricket betting site. There are various options available on the internet. But you need to find the right fit for yourself. Some of the things you should look for will include offers, odds, news updates, security, and 24/7 customer support. You must check the online reviews and the payout history of the website to get an idea of its functioning.


Another critical piece of advice is to do your own research before jumping on cricket betting odds. It is fair that virtual bookmakers are statistically and technologically robust for calculating odds. However, you must do your own research about the game, players, pitch and weather conditions, etc., to understand the odds clearly. This way, you will not be placing bets with closed eyes. If you are thorough with the facts and history of the game, then you are better predisposed to making the right decision.


Many people get excited even on hearing the name cricket. In such a case, it can become challenging to keep calm during intense moments during an IPL match. To make use of the cricket betting odds in a logical manner, one should have absolute control over their emotions. If you simply work on your gut feeling without researching, then you are merely leaving everything to chance.


Cricket-betting odds are crucial for making the right decision and placing bets online. Make sure to keep in mind these three critical tips about using cricket betting odds in your favour during an IPL match.


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