Gujarat Board SSC Class 10th Result 2017 | Pass Percentage 68.24%, 8284 Students Score Above 99 Percentile

Gujarat State Education Board (GSEB) has declared its Class 10th SSC Results of 2017 today, i.e. on May 29,2017 on its official website at The most awaited results of Class 10th of 2017 have finally been announced and bringing a sigh of relief to many aspirants who were eagerly waiting for their class 10th SSC Results of 2017 appearing via Gujarat Board, the ecstasy could be corroborated from the facts mentioned below.

Gujarat Board SSC Class 10th Result of 2017

Let us talk about the facts that mesmerise all of us related to Gujarat Board of Class 10th results of SSC in the year 2017. Take note of the pointers mentioned below and faint already because Gujarat Board declaring their Class 10th Board exams results of 2017 is carving a niche for itself in the country. Here’s what the statistics say. Believe us no more? Here are the numbers that crunch you to the core.

1. Gujarat Board Class 10th Result : Pass Percentage is 68.24%

Making the overall pass percentage of candidates appearing for the Class 10th Board Examinations held in March 2017 to be as 68.24%. The nearly touching 70% result makes us see the Gujarat Candidates leaving a mark and coming out with flying colours to prove the nation that 7 out of 10 students of Class 10th of Gujarat Board made it in 2017.

2. Above 8000 students of Gujarat Board score 99 percentile

Excuse me what? Is that even possible? Yes, because statistics reveal an exact figure of 8284 students of Gujarat Board of Class 10th who secured a percentile above 99 is a whopping number, unbelievable in the first place, but so damn true!

3. 11 lac candidates up for the Gujarat Board 10th exam

Candidates who sought to take up the Gujarat Board examination of Class 10th this year in 2017 boasts of a number that would shake you off from your complacency. If we quote the exact figure, it shoots upto 11,02,625 candidates out of which 7 lac 52 thousand candidates nail the art of clearing the Class 10th Gujarat Board examination of 2017.

4. Girls outshine boys by 9% mark

All hail the girl power! You look at any examination of 2017, how could the Gujarat board examination of Class 10th lag behind. The girls even though never outnumbered the boy candidates still managed to outshine them by 9% which means, out of every 100 candidate mix, there are always 9 more girls than boys who nail the art of “putting their best” in the examinations.

5. 142 Prisoners appear for Gujarat Board Class 10th exam 2017

What to boast about more when the Gujarat Board of Class 10th of 2017 permits more than 100 prisoners to refine and redefine their lives by making them appear for the most sought after examination of Class 10th via GSEB this year.

The results of SSC Class 10th board exam of Gujarat Board have been declared on the official site of GSEB which can be reached by clicking at Visit the site and follow the set procedure of submitting in your details like roll no. etc to see your result card which can be downloaded, taken screenshot of or printed out as per your convenience.

The results of Class 10th of 2017 by Gujarat Board is storming the entire nation as the speculations made by CBSE in its Class 10th results of 2017 beat nothing as Gujarat Board outshines the statistics stated by many with a clean sweep in 2017.

Source : IndianExpress

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