Gurdas Maan’s Shabd Mittar Pyare Nu (New Punjabi Track) From the Album Punjab

The legend Gurdas Maan Saab has come up with a shabd titled as Mittar pyare nu. After the song like Punjab, Gurdas Maan has released a new devotional song (shabd) that has been recited by the 10th Guru of Sikh religion Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Mittar pyare nu shabd by Gurdas Maan has depicted the amazing journey of Sikh from 1947 to 1984.

Gurdas Maan Saab has earlier depicted the story of the actual situation of Punjab in his earlier track and with the new track Mittar pyare nu, he has shown the journey of sikh from 1947 to 1984. And surely it will give you goosebumps like the previous track Punjab of Gurdas Maan Saab.

Mittar Pyare nu (Shabd) by Gurdas Maan 

Although the original shabd has been recited by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Machhivara forest when Guru ji was separated from his family. Similarly, Gurdas Maan’s version of Mittar pyare nu also depicts the loss of family in between the year 1947 to 1984. The new video of Mittar pyare nu consists of Gurdas Maan, Divica Gautam (young grand daughter) and Anantveer Singh (young son). Even it has a special appearance of a very talented Punjabi actress Sargun Mehta.

Details of Gurdas Maan's Mittar Pyare Nu

Singer: Gurdas Maan

Album: Punjab

Music: Jatinder Shah

Directed by: Gurickk G Maan

Special appearance: Sargun Mehta

Lyrics of the shabd (devotional song) by Gurdas Maan is- Haal mureedan da kehna, haal mureedan da kehna, mittar pyare nu.

Official Video of Mittar Pyare nu- Gurdas Maan

Here’s the another amazing video by Gurdas Maan saab new devotional song Mittar pyare nu after Punjab that has given all of us tears in our eyes. Click on the play button to have a look at the video of Mittar pyare nu featuring Gurdas Maan.

Mittar pyare nu is the second heart touching track of Gurdas Maan’s album Punjab. First one was titled as Punjab itself that depicted all the illness that has ruined Punjab. And the second track showcases the difficulties of sikh during the period of 1947 and 1984. Let’s see what the next track from the Gurdas Maan’s album Punjab is all about. Till then listen to Punjab and Mittar pyare nu in the mesmerizing voice of Gurdas Maan.


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