Gurlal Singh Bhangu: A Youth Icon, Social Worker and a Politician in Patiala willing to make a change in his place

Of late, one name in Patiala district that is seen doing rounds in the media is a youth leader called Gurlal Singh Bhangu. He is a young man with interest in social work and politics. It was in 2012 when he entered into this domain working for a known political party in the state called Shiromani Akali Dal. Starting to work from a worker level to reach higher positions, he proved his worth to every responsibility he got from his party high command. He has an important role to play whenever any elections come into the picture.

Both in the general and the state elections, the youth leader has played an important role in his party. He served the party in the election time with great passion and courage making things work for his party. He has a good rapport with his political party and leaders thus shaping up a good image in the media and his place of work. Besides being active in the field of politics he has remained active in the domain of social work. He has been active in this field with his own NGO.

His NGO known as Dharti Maa Foundation deals with helping the poor farmers in the district. He has been helping and supporting the poor and students from the downtrodden places by supplying the grocery and food. He has donated fees and books to people who cannot just afford education with poor economic conditions. WIth all these things, he has proved his worth as an emerging youth politician in his district.


Ajay Deep

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