Guru Randhawa Releases New Punjabi Song ‘Made In India’ | Fans Gets a Surprise

Punjabi, as well as Bollywood singer Guru Randhawa, released much awaited new Punjabi song ‘Made in India’. After Raat Kamaal hai with Khushali Kumar, Guru Randhawa once again jumped back for a Punjabi track titled as ‘Made in India’ under the banner of T-Series only. The latest release of Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa ‘Made in India’ will make you tap your feet on the dance floor.

In the month of January this year only, it was Lahore that took over the chartbuster for the singer Singer Guru Randhawa. Now its time for Made in India song to rock and roll, not only in Punjabi industry but also in Bollywood. Watch out the official video of Guru Randhawa’s new Punjabi song ‘Made in India’ below.

All About Guru Randhawa’s New Punjabi Song ‘Made In India’

Guru Randhawa’s latest Punjabi song Made in India has somewhat similar to Lahore, but the music and locations are just amazing. Apart from singing, Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa himself has composed the music and penned the lyrics for Made in India song. Whereas it has been recorded under the banner of T-Series and the video has been directed by DirectorGifty.

From its breathtaking video location to the direction and acting, Guru Randhawa’s newly released Punjabi song Made in India is a must watch. Listen & enjoy the amazing party number from Guru once again.

Official Video & Suprise Element by Guru Randhawa in Made in India Song

Official video of the latest Punjabi track by Guru Randhawa ‘Made in India’ feature Elnaaz Norouzi, the actress who debuted her acting career with Punjabi movie Khido Khundi alongside with Ranjit Bawa. Also, it has been embedded with a surprise for all Guru Randhawa’s fan, watch out the same find out your surprise in the video below.

Did you get it? With the sweet smile and mesmerizing voice, Guru Randhawa for the first time got a kiss from his co-actor. As always he used to keep a distance from his co-actor, be it in Bollywood or Punjabi music video. But this time with Made in India song, Guru Randhawa broke that forever.


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