Chandigarh Traffic Police Goes Hi-Tech | 627 Traffic Violators Caught in 1 Day Through HandyCams

Chandigarh Traffic Police has caught 627 traffic violators in one week in Chandigarh for violating different traffic rules. Chandigarh Traffic Police has started tightening the noose around the traffic violators in Chandigarh. The Chandigarh Traffic Police have started using handicameras for recording different violations at different spots in Chandigarh. The UT Police have also started issuing challans to violators after detecting them during the scrutiny of camera recordings.

Chandigarh Traffic Police Goes Hi-Tech

The Chandigarh Traffic Police has allotted 10 handicameras to record the traffic violations in Chandigarh at various points. The handicameras have been allotted to police personnel at all four traffic zones in Chandigarh of the rank of constable. The four zones in Chandigarh are east zone, west zone, south zone and central zone.

The practice of videographing traffic violations in Chandigarh commenced a week ago and the Chandigarh Traffic Police has already caught 627 Traffic violators. Traffic Violation Information Slips (TVIS) have been issued to the violators by the Chandigarh Traffic Police.

What are the major Traffic violations in Chandigarh?

According to reports, a major number of traffic violations that were recorded by the Chandigarh Traffic Police officials on the handicamera were related to signal jumping, listening to mobile phone while driving and driving without helmet.

It was mentioned in the report that deputing challaning officers at every location from where the Chandigarh Traffic Police was receiving complaints of driving without helmet, speeding, and dangerous driving was not feasible.

627 Traffic Violators challaned in Chandigarh in one week

To cater to the problem, the Chandigarh Traffic Police deployed constables at various spots in different corners of Chandigarh. The locations were selected at random. These constables were given handicameras to record the movements of vehicles. After detecting particular violations these constables issued challans to the drivers for making the violations. The constables deployed by the UT Traffic Police keep changing their locations in their respective traffic zones.

According to the report, the constables, carrying handicameras were deployed at specific locations to record the traffic violations. These locations included link roads especially the ones linking sector markets. Apart from the link roads, the constables were also deployed at unmanned traffic signals especially near schools and colleges.

Live CCTV cameras

During the initial one week, the constables were deployed from 9 am to 6 pm at the selected spots in Chandigarh. Each of the constables was shifted to another spot after every one hour.
This exercise is on the pattern of CCTV cameras with little or no chances of an altercation between traffic violators and police.

Source: Indian Express

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