Haryana | 12 Dead Bodies Recovered from Bhakra Nangal Canal in Narwana

In a shocking incident at Haryana, over 12 dead bodies have been recovered from Bhakra Nangal canal in Narwana area. The canal that starts from Bhakhra Nangal Dam and passes through Himachal Pradesh, Punjab as well as Haryana. It is suspected that the dead bodies have come with the flow of the water – maybe from Punjab areas.

How were the bodies found?

A part of the Bhakhra canal at Narwana was closed to clean the rivulet bed. This is done from time to time to clear the canal bed of weed and mud. Dusing the operations, a body was found and soon, one after other a total of 12 dead bodies have been recovered.

The possibility for more dead bodies has not been ruled out and the search is still on. Narwana lies is the Jind district of Haryana.

The divers who were cleaning the part of Bhakhra Nangal canal at Narwana in Haryana informed the local police and the case has been escalated. Haryana Police officials have already informed about the same to Punjab police as well as Himachal Police so that the identification of these 12 dead bodies could be done.

According to divers who have taken out the bodies, almost all dead bodies are about one month old.

Bhakhra Nangal Canal

It is strange that a total of 12 dead bodies have been recovered at once. The police is suspecting some foul play. If we talk about Bhakhra Nangal canal then, the rivulet runs through Punjab cities like Talwara, Nalagarh, Anandpur Sahib, Kiratpur Sahib, Ropar, Morinda, Fatehgarh Sahib, Sirhind, Patiala, Samana and reaches Narwana in Haryana.

The news of 12 dead bodies has sent shock waves of terror in Punjab and Haryana. While police teams from Punjab and Himachal will be reaching the spot, locals have started to gather at the spot. Out of the bodies recovered so far, one is said to be of Satnam Singh, who is believed to be a resident of Punjab town of Samana near Patiala.

Credits: India Today

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