Haryana | 35-Year-Old Woman Commits Suicide And The Possible Reason Behind It Will Shock You

Haryana has 10.9% suicide rate in India. Another suicide case in Haryana was added to the list. A 35-year-old woman hanged herself from a ceiling fan in her house. The incident happened on Friday in Karnal.

Sarika Gupta, the 35-year-old woman who hanged herself from a ceiling fan in her house married about 12 years ago. The 35-year-old woman lived with her husband, two daughters and her in-laws in Sector 6, Karnal.

How The Suicide Incident Happened

On Friday evening, one of Sarika Gupta’s daughter returned home from school. She kept on ringing the bell and nobody opened the door. When nobody opened the door, she informed the neighbours. After the neighbours were informed, they broke the window pane and found that Sarika’s body was hanging.

On Saturday, Sarika Gupta’s relatives reached Karnal from New Delhi. They blamed Sarika’s husband and her in-laws for her death. Her relatives said that Sarika’s husband and in-laws tortured her as she was giving birth to a son.

The Possible Reason For Sarika’s Death

Sarika Gupta’s relatives reached Karnal from New Delhi. Sarika’s uncle said that Sarika was physically abused. It is stated that Sarika had 2 daughters and her husband wanted a son. This led to a dispute between the two which might have been a cause for this suicide. According to sources, Sarika was tortured for not being able to give birth to a boy and cursed for having 2 daughters.

Her uncle was also sure that it is a pre-planned murder, not a suicide case. He further said that her all her relatives want that police should start their investigation immediately and the culprits should be arrested.

The police said that Sarika’s postmortem report revealed that her death resulted due to choking as she was hanging.

It is shameful knowing that there are still a lot of people in our country who harass women just because the woman is not able to give birth to a son. The police must investigate this case closely so that justice is given to Sarika’s relatives and an example is set for all the narrow-minded people in our country.

Source: The Times Of India

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