Haryana | A 4- Year Old Girl’s Private Parts Severely Burnt by Her Grandmother

The Haryana -based news of a 4- year-old girl been severely burnt in her private parts by her grandmother has shocked the nation. The victim who is just a small kid has been allegedly torturing brutally by her grandmother in her private parts with hot tongs. For more than 10 days, the girl was confined inside the home without providing any medical treatment on the burns on her body. This case of Sirsa, Haryana then came into the limelight when the members of child welfare society rescued the victim and rushed her to the hospital for medical assistant.

How a 4 yr old Haryana victim was rescued from her grandma’s torture

The Haryana’s Sirsa district child protection committee had a rough idea about what kind of ill treatment was given to the 4- year -old victim at her home but the committee then came to the action when they got to know about the victim’s grandmother inflicting her private parts with hot tongs earlier this month.

As per the sources, the victim is from Haryana and the youngest out of the three daughters to her parent’s. The family did not want the girl (victim) after the two elder siblings (daughter) but a boy in her place due to which, the four-year-old victim was treated mercilessly by her grandmother.

A 4- yr girl burnt by her grandma in Haryana

The neighbours of the victim in Haryana’s Sirsa has also complained of the family who was torturing the kid. The Superintendent of Police, Sirsa, Haryana has also confirmed of further investigation in the case. In a statement given to the media channels and newspapers, he mention that he will look into the matter and will soon make an arrest after finding any lead.

Haryana is now actively working in the direction of empowering girl child under the Government of India initiative ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’. But the brutal cases like this makes the noble scheme baseless when the Haryana government fails to sensitize people in the state to see both their girl child and boy child as equal. Though the sex ration of the girl child in the Haryana state has improved after launching the scheme – ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana’ but still there are some people who need to change their mind towards girls.

Source: indianexpress.com


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