Haryana Bans Teachers From Using Cellphones in State-run Schools

Haryana Education Department ban use of the mobile phone for teachers in classrooms. Teachers will have to seek permission of the Principal to carry their phones. State run school teachers in Haryana are barred from using cell phones in the classroom environment. Check details of mobile phone ban in Haryana below.

Haryana Education Department stated that principal should ensure teachers not only follow orders but submit the phones to an area earmarked within the premises of the school. Board has stated that even if the teacher happens to be head of the institution they need to ensure proper follow up of rules. There would be two emergency number of head of school and the second senior who could be contacted in case of emergency

Mobile Phone Ban in Haryana Schools

The teacher of Haryana has been barred from using cell phones in wake of revision of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) circular issued in 2009. The circular stated that school teacher of Haryana cell phones must be stashed away in the staff room. If in the case of some unavoidable circumstances cell phone is required, teachers much seek permission from the head of school to use mobile phones in a classroom environment. A separate record register needs to be maintained for the same.

In the case of violation of implications mentioned in a circular, the principal would be held accountable. Inspection officers will do regular or surprise inspection to check whether compliance of instructions is being made or not. In the case of any violation, action against school head will be proposed by inspecting officer.

CBSE 2009 circular 

In 2009 CBSE stated that use of mobile phone definitely need to be barred as they are a serious cause of distraction. Mobile phone creates a lack of concentration, fear, anxiety and sometimes even misuse. CBSE said that even if mobile phones are kept on silent mode they can still cause a distraction with the classroom environment as students can make use of SMS during their assignments. This board said all stakeholder of school education students, parents, teachers and heads of institutes need to come up with a decision on the use of mobile phones in schools and restricting its entry in school.

Source: Times of India


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