Drug De-addiction Centres in Haryana to Have Skill Development Training Programmes

Haryana Government in a reformatory move has decided to introduce Skill Development Training Programmes for drug addicts who visit Drug De-addiction centres in Haryana to get rid off their addiction. The initiative has been taken up by the Haryana Government while framing a policy on rehabilitation centres in the state to increase effectiveness in their working.

Skill Development at Haryana De-addiction Centers 

The proposal is prepared to cater to the needs of many drug addicts who aim at reforming themselves. Adding a bit of skill training programme as a part of their rehabilitation would surely boost up the morals and enhance the existing skillset of the people. As a consequence of this initiative, two private run Drug De-addiction centres were terminated on the grounds of no having a valid license by the authorities in Gurugram, Haryana. There are a total of 53 de-addiction centres in the state out of which ten are being run by the state health department, three are run by medical colleges and three by Red Cross Society.  Mobbed by smack, opium and alcohol addicts, these drug de-addiction centres are under the scrutiny of this proposal.

Highlights of the Proposal

Major highlights and key features that this proposal aims to achieve at by implementation are listed as follows :

  • Haryana Jails department to launch 2 new such centres
  • State Council of Education Research and Training to form a curriculum
  • Educating and spreading awareness by introducing this curriculum in the academic session of 2017-18
  • Introduce a rehabilitation board for implementation of such agendas
  • Additional chief secretary of home department to serve as the nodal officer
  • Ensuring compliance of directions and orders of the court
  • Constitution of a committee under Principal Secretary of social justice and empowerment department

People and Authorities involved

Since, the agenda is huge and needs great amounts of ground work, various departments and people need to put in their efforts to execute the policy. Here’s a list of people and departments which would constitute the framework of working of the policy.

  • Dr B S Chavan,(HOD) Psychiatry at Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh
  • Dr Aditya Kaushik, deputy director of department of social justice and empowerment
  • Senior officers of skill development and industrial training department
  • ITI department
  • Indian Red Cross Society
  • State Council of Education Research and Training
  • Haryana health department

The proposal is now resting with the Haryana CM who is deeply looking at the matter to give his nod as final clearance for the execution and implementation of the proposal from the papers into a more substantial and believable form. The reality is far off and quite harsh when it comes to drugs. With over 17,000 people as drug addicts trying to reform themselves and gain a sense of individuality, the future and life for them is real uncertain. The menace is a deep rooted societal evil which needs to be uprooted or lest the society would be heading towards that big black hole from where its not only difficult to come back but also leads to a never ending suffering from where recovery seems a distant dream !!!

Image: DNA India

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