Haryana Govt. to Arrest Farmers Who’ll Burn Stubble in Fields

Haryana’s farmers are going to see tough times ahead if they continue Stubble burning as a practice in the Haryana state. Haryana Government has issued notifications in public interest to create awareness amongst farmers about the harmful effects of stubble burning on people, state, environment and health. But, the farmers intentionally or unintentionally, in ignorance or in casual mode have taken the government’s instructions on the cause pretty lightly, which is now a massive cause of concern for the authorities.

Why the harsh Decision?

Inspite of issuing warnings, stringent fines, punishment norms etc., the stubborn farmers continue the practice. The move has been initiated on noticing the ongoing trends that did not comply to the governments’ instructions. Repeated defiance of compliance has been a major issue which called for an urgent solution which could prove to be deterrent for the defaulters.

The still continued practice of the age old tradition of stubble burning has become obsolete and disastrous for the balanced ecosystem. In order to keep things under control, Haryana government grows more strict than ever before and has decided to now straightaway arrest farmers who continue to perform the ‘evil practice.

What Haryana Government has to say ?

The ongoing issue has proved worrisome not only for Haryana government but for authorities at a similar level at neighbouring states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi too. Not restricting themselves for one time practice, but the government aims to target the next paddy season too.

Recently, Punjab government too deployed images obtained from NASA Satellites to keep a check on the stubble burning practice carried out by Punjab farmers last month. The fumes and air pollution caused by the stubble burning not only affects one state but also neighbouring states as well.

When the effects and repercussions are not area centeric and a huge lot of population is involved to get affected by the same, the responsibility to act strict grows higher in intensity. Going by the same notion, the move by the Haryana government in the case of stubble burning had to be stringent and harsh as it may sound for the benefit of one and all.

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