Haryana Farmers to Turn into Marketing Executives to Sell Their Produce

Haryana farmers are all set to undergo an amazing transformation process wherein they would be able to market their own produce under the schemes laid down by the Haryana government. In a great initiative taken up by the authorities to aid the farmers to reap the benefits out of their produce, they have launched a scheme called ‘Small Agri Business Consorium.’

About the Scheme

Small Agri Business Consorium scheme has been launched by the authorities which would help the farmers to form communities and act as market representatives for the same to sell their produce at the market price. Under the scheme, the farmers are taught as to how to use and implement the scheme so as to increase heir revenues by selling their produce themselves.

As per what sources state, farmers who should be the direct beneficiaries of such schemes are not able to make the most of it because of several reasons, illiteracy and unawareness being the major causes of this ignorance.

What Haryana Agricultural Department has in store for farmers ?

Here’s what government authorities are doing for the farmers:

  • Officials of the agricultural department to educate farmers about the schemes
  • Creation of awareness at mass level amongst farmers about online services made available to them
  • NABARD to provide loan facilities to aid the farmers of Haryana under the scheme
  • Creation of facilities like cold storages and godowns by the concerned authorities
  • A budget of whopping INR 500 crores allocated for the scheme
  • Cold storage under construction of capacity 5000 MT already in place
  • Allocation of land for vegetable production and floriculture of around 2000 hectares or so each
  • Introduction of innovative methods of irrigation systems like sprinkler/ drip irrigation systems
  • Propagation and establishment of micro-irrigation needs
  • Convergence of forest plantations with farming methodology
  • Establishment of watershed storage systems
  • Underground pipe network laying and solar system installations and much more.

Steps to be taken by the Farmers

Here’s what all steps farmers have to take to be at the receiving end of the benefits of the schemes.

  • Farmers need to make groups amongst themselves as conglomerations
  • Initially, farmers to register themselves under Companies Act
  • Marketing to be done after formation of Farmers Producers Organisation i.e. FPO
  • Farmers to do packaging of the produce before marketing
  • Selling of packaged produce to take place in groups via marketing strategies
  • Existing 34 groups consisting 685 farmers to reach a mark of 60 soon

In a fast paced world, wherein technology has taken over all the spheres of life, the day isn’t far when farmers would walk around marketing executives to perform the multitasking activities. Right from producing, packaging, procuring and selling off their own fruits of labour themselves, abolishing the role of middleman who simply plays with volumes that are generated. All hail “JAI JAWAN, JAI KISAAN.”

Source : TOI

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