Not Able to Top Her Class, Haryana Girl Commits Suicide by Shooting Herself With Father’s Revolver

Recently, a teenage girl from the Jind district of Haryana committed suicide by allegedly shooting herself with a licensed revolver. The weapon which took the life of the deceased belonged to her father and she took this extreme step when she was alone at home.

Who was the victim & where was she from in Haryana

According to the Police report, the victim, identified as Anjali Kumari (16) was a student of Indus Public School run by Captain Abhimanyu, Haryana Finance Minister, which is located in the Pillu Khera Town. The girl belonged to the Siwaha village and her father, Vedpal Singh is the village Sarpanch there.

The reason for her committing suicide with a licensed revolver is said to be her academic results. Anjali’s parents informed the Police that the victim was in class 11 and had recently got her annual results that declared she could not top the school as she had expected. Though the girl had not scored less in the examinations she was still upset

How did she commit suicide

The victim took this extreme step of ending her life during the daytime when she was all alone at home. Her family had gone to visit someone in the nearby village when the victim called her father asking them to return home immediately. Her father, when returned home, found Anjali shot dead in the bathroom with his licensed revolver. She was then rushed to the nearby hospital where the doctors told that she was brought dead. However, her body was then given back to the family after performing an autopsy.

It is always sad to hear teenagers ending up their lives due to depression and peer pressure of studies at every age. Those who are suffering from stress and high anxiety levels must take some professional help or talk to their parents and friends to overcome their fear of failure rather than committing suicide. Ending lives is not the solution to failures in life rather one should learn to face the challenge.

Committing suicide is an act of cowardliness and ruins the lives of the deceased as well as of the kith and kin of the family who is left behind. If any of our readers are in such a situation can approach us for any assistance. We shall be more than happy to be someones helping hand in a crisis.


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